Anoop Back with a Bang

Anoop Desai was great this week.
My skeptical attitude in last week’s post about Anoop Desai’s re-entry into American Idol has proven wrong. He got mauled by the judges last week, but survived in audience voting. This week, he was back with a bang. This was country music week, and his song was liked well by judges and audience alike. Simon Cowell, the judge who is the hardest to please, said “you went from a zero to a hero”, and called his performance the best of the night. I’m sure he will survive tonight’s vote too.
On a side note, some readers are reaching my blog searching for answers to questions like: Is he Indian? Is he Gujarati? Is he Hindu? Well, guys, here’s the “scoop”: Anoop Desai is the only son of Indian, Gujarati, Hindu parents settled in North Carolina. According to this entry in Wikipedia,

His parents both work in North Carolina’s Research Triangle. His mother is a biochemist; his father designs software. Desai’s father was born in India, and his mother, also of Indian descent, was born in South Africa.

According to the above page, Anoop is currently working towards a Master of Arts degree in Folklore at University of North Carolina.
Update: Mar-18, 2009, 10pm EST
Anoop did make it through tonight. He is now among the top 10 on American Idol.
BTW, Anoop’s name (from Sanskrit/Hindi अनूप) means “incomparable” or “second to none”. Let’s hope he lives up to his name.
Update: Apr-22, 2009, 10pm EST
Anoop Desai fails to make it to the final five on American Idol. Journey over!