Erin Andrews Video Still Top Search

Top Keyword on this site: Erin AndrewsI can’t believe “Erin Andrews Video Peep” is still on the top of Google Trends in the US. Its hotness is still “volcanic” on Google-Trends hotness range. It has been moving up and down between first and fourth positions over last three days, and I think it is disgusting. How can so many people be after a peepshow, when there is otherwise so much porn over the internet? In my defense, I have not been looking for the video, but I have been checking Google trends, and also the webstats for my last post on the subject, and I am enjoying it. At both places, Erin Andrews Video Peep is the top search query. I have been clicking on some top results on the Google Trends page, and I did stumble upon stills from the peep show on If that is what you came here looking for, here is the link: ESPN Hottie Erin Andrews in Peep Shocker