Merry f***ing X-mas to India, etc

Internet can take you to crazy places, that too in very few steps. I followed Amit Agarwal’s post about world’s most beautiful women bloggers, and landed at mobuzztv. There I watched beautiful vlogger Karina Stenquist’s pre-Christmas video, featuring in the end a video called “Merry f***ing christmas”. Further search took me to YouTube and here it is – the uncut version of the video for your viewing displeasure.

Update Feb-25, 2009: Turns out a number of links in this post won’t work any longer. It has been over 2 years since this post was written; what do you expect? Anyway, looks like Karina Stenquist left Mobuzz TV in mid-2007. Here’s her good-bye vlog post. Even Mobuzz TV seems to have wound up, as ends up in a “not found” error. According to this entry on Wikipedia it closed in November 2008, even though its founder-CEO Anil de Mello gives no idea of its closure (as of today) on his blog, updated as late as Feb-13, 2009. In fact, there is a video of him saying in November 2008 itself that “Mobuzz lives”.
Also, the South Park video above doesn’t work, because of a copyright claim by content owners. However, looks like it is hard for internet content to disappear completely, so here is the video I was talking about.