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Mile Sur Mera Tumhara!

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Happy Indian Independence Day. Most of us have watched and heard the multi-lingual unity song “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara” on Doordarshan. The song is in 15 Indian languages, and the lyrics in each language roughly mean “when your tune unites with my tune, it becomes our tune”. It was a permanent fixture on Indian state TV in late 1980s.
Most of us know 2-3 of the languages, and understand a couple more well enough to understand the lyrics. I was keen to get the full lyrics of this song, with each language portion in respective script, so I started a thread on yahoo group Hindi-Forum last year. The thread didn’t run very long, but Arvind Iyengar, a super-linguist in an engineering student’s garb, helped complete the lyrics single-handedly. Still there are apparently some errors left. Recognize your language from the lyrics below, and let me know if there are any errors. Read the lyrics in Devanagari here, and in respective scripts here (multi-lingual Unicode font needed, e.g., Arial Unicode MS).

[hi] Mile sur meraa tumhaaraa to sur bane hamaaraa
sur kii nadiyaa har dishaa se baha ke saagar me.n mile
baadalo.n kaa ruup le kar barase halke halke
mile sur meraa tumhaaraa to sur bane hamaaraa
mile sur meraa tumhaaraa …
[ks] chaa’ny’ taraz tay myaany’ taraz
ik-vaT bani yi saa’ny’ taraz
[pa] tera sur mile mere sur de naal
milke bane ik nava sur taal
[hi] mile sur meraa tumhaaraa to sur bane hamaaraa
[sn] muhinjo sur tohi desan piyaaraa mile jaDe.n
giit asaanjo madhur taraano bane taDe.n
[ur] sur kaa dariyaa baha ke saagar me.n mile
[pa] badlaa.N daa ruup laike barsan haule haule
[ta] isaindaal namm iruvarin suramum namadakkum
tisai ve’ru aaanaalum aaLi ser
mugilaay maLaiyay poLivadu pol isai
namm isai..
[ka]nanna dhwanige’ ninna dhwaniya
seridante’ namma dhwaniya
[te] naa swaramu nii swaramu sangammamai
mana swaranga avatarinche
[ma] ente swaravum negaludae swaravum
otthu chernu naamudae swaramayi.
[bn] tomaar shur moder shur
srishTi korur oiko shur
[as] srishTi ho oiko taan
[or] toma mora swarera milan
srishTi kare chaalbochatan
[gu] mile sur jo thaaro mhaaro
baNe aapaNo sur niraalo
[mr] maanjhaa tumchyaa jultaa taaraa
madhur suraaanchaa barastii dhaaraa
[hi] sur kii nadiyaa.n har dishaa se baha ke saagar me.n mile.n
baadalo.n kaa ruup le ke barase halke halke
o mile sur meraa tumhaaraa to sur bane hamaaraa
mile sur meraa tumhaaraa …
to sur bane hamaaraa …
Update Sep-09,’06
I have received numerous comments and emails from readers asking for the original video of the song. I kept searching for it myself, and finally, I found it today on YouTube. Looks like YouTube user Ottawa has uploaded it two months ago. So, I have added the video above.
Update Sep-10,’07
Exactly one year after the above update, reader Gurudev pointed me to the above higher quality version. Dhanyavaad, Gurudev.