Get your next job through, that I was directed to recently, is an excellent new job portal. I would recommend it to job seekers and employers alike, for the following reasons.
Ideal for small recruiting companies
Small consulting companies are not in a position to subscribe to some of the large job portals because of the heavy fees involved to access their resume database. helps such companies by giving them free access to their resume database.
Exponentially higher exposure to your resume
Resume posting is free on most sites, but viewing it has a heavy fee, which restricts the exposure your resume gets. Most Recruiters subscribe to one or two job sites, and they will never get access to your resume if it is not posted on those sites. gives all recruiters free access to your resume, increasing your exposure exponentially.
VIDEO RESUME – Add an Extra Dimension to your RESUME
I think video resumes are the major USP of Communication and Presentation are the key to getting your next dream job, so adding a face to your voice will make you more visible and memorable to the Hiring Manager.

Did I mention that I was referred to this site by a friend of mine, who is involved with the team that developed this job portal? Well, I must say they have done a great job.