Indian Manufacturing BPO

Ever since being introduced to the Indian blogging scene, there are a few prominent blogs I make it a point to read, Indra’s Drishtikona being one. Thanks to Pankaj for directing me to this insightful commentary on India’s affairs. While going through the blog’s archives, I stumbled across this post – Why SEMCO can’t be repeated? (I am sure he meant to ask “Why can’t SEMCO be repeated?”).
Yes, it is a pleasing feeling to see there is an industry that can be called an “Indian BPO in manufacturing”. When “Made in China” has become an ubiquitous engraving on everything from computers to lawn mowers, it is nice to see “Made in India” written on stuff other than shirts and handbags. And what pleased me more was the fact that I have had a chance to meet the man behind this venture. I met SEMCO India’s CEO in Baltimore last year, had a chance to talk to him on various issues, and I was bowled over just like Subroto Bagchi of Business India was.
I join Indra in wishing that many others join SEMCO’s class.