Hurricane Babies

This morning I saw a report on Hurricane Babies, about how exactly 9 months after last year’s hurricane in Florida and other areas, hospitals are experiencing 15-20% increase in baby births. I couldn’t find a link to the report on ABC’s site, but found a similar report on another site. This report also talks about a related expansion in one hospital’s facilities to take care of future toddlers.
In the aftermath of the hurricane, people were displaced from their homes, were put up in community centers, had to face power cuts, etc. So, with nothing else to do, what could they do – make babies, of course. Family after family was interviewed and they talked about the circumstances in which their babies were conceived. For some, the candles provided the romantic conditions needed.
This reminds me of an old joke about the population of a village exploding, due to a midnight train passing through the village every night and waking the adults up.
Now, what can you expect to happen in India, where for millions of families the hurricane- like conditions are a norm, candle-light dinners are a daily luxury, and trains pass their homes with much more frequency?