यह पृष्ठ अभी लिखा जा रहा है।

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अपने बनाए युनिनागरी कीबोर्ड में युनिकोड से यह तीन करॆक्टर (चिन्ह) खाली अपने सॊफ्टवॆयर में जोड दें।
१) ‘ੂ’
२) ‘ੁ’ (यह चिन्ह ॒ का स्थान ले सकता है) और
३) अॅ का भी प्रावधान ज़रूरी है
I do recognize that there is every chance that attempted successful Unicode allocation termed standardization may not have been the unanimous choice of all participants, but since your IME software is in my personal experience the best and phonetically closest to the QWERTY keyboard, and can be bilingual in writing hindi and kashmiri in one sweep, I request you to see what you can do. And the coming generation would, I am sure be better attuned to using it for holding on to their language and cultural roots better. Their computer savvy disposition makes them better candidates than our generation.

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