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  • Democracy, not a "daemon-cracy"

    Being a Kashmiri is a very important part of my identity, besides being an Indian, a Hindu (of the atheist kind), and a self-styled rationalist. Still, none of the posts so far on my blog has been addressed to the Kashmiri aspect of my identity. I would very much like to keep this blog not […]

  • Natwar M. Gandhi, CFO, Washington DC

    Continuing the series of Indian names heard in America, I am profiling Dr. Natwar M. Gandhi today. Dr. Gandhi is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for the District of Columbia (Washington DC). Born in Savar Kundla, Gujarat in 1941 in a grocers family, Gandhi has an LLB and BCom in accounting from the University of […]

  • Sunita Williams

    Under this category, InhiA (Indian names heard in America) I will be talking about just that – Indian names heard in America, and finding out how much of Indian origin the person is. What better name to start with than Sunita Williams, who is currently in space, assigned to International Space Station. Sunita Williams was […]

  • The Legal Immigrants

    The topic of legislation of illegal immigrants is taking up a bulk of the airwaves on radio these days, particularly on NPR. The public radio has also had a series of reports from Jennifer Ludden about various aspects of immigration — legal and illegal. Hearing about people talking in favor of and against Mexican labor always made me wonder […]

  • Karan Goel on Fortune SB cover

    Twenty-two year old Karan Goel, University of Chicago MBA student, and founder CEO of PrepMe is on the cover of this month’s Fortune Small Business magazine. Go Karan! The founding team of this test preparation provider startup consists of Avichal Garg, 22; Karan Goel, 22; and Joseph Jewell, 24. Jewell seems to be a gem […]