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  • 7 Myths Broken for Pro-377 Indians

    7 Myths Broken for Pro-377 Indians

    In 1861, the British created Article 377 of the Indian Penal Code, criminalizing homosexual behavior. A century and a half later, our attempts to get rid of this archaic law have come to a naught. Most of my friends on social networks have had something to say about the situation, and very few of them […]

  • God, Jerusalem and Democrats

    In the Democratic National Convention yesterday, rationalism died a painful death, just in order to keep God alive. In spite of two evenings of great speeches, the DNC’s decision to sneak God back onto the platform, that too via the back-door, did not win any fans. Briefly, this is what happened. Democratic party’s “platform” (party […]

  • Is Kashmir Not Even That Big?

    In my last post I explained how Kashmir is a small area of J&K, holding the whole state and region to ransom. I explained that Kashmir valley is about 6,000 square miles in area. It is indisputable that Muslims are a majority in J&K, but the separatist Muslims are concentrated in a fraction of the […]

  • Kashmir Is Too Small For Azadi

    [हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें] Headline on CNN about Leh floods: Death toll from Kashmir flooding rises to 112 Correction: Leh is not in Kashmir. There was no flooding in Kashmir. A Vaishno Devi Pilgrim: I just returned from Kashmir. Things are peaceful there. Correction: Jammu is not in Kashmir. There is […]

  • Arguing About Kashmir

    Even though Kashmir is lost to our community (the Kashmiri Hindu community), it is impossible for people of our generation not to get riled up when the issue of Kashmir comes up. A detailed post on Kashmir has been on my mind for a long time, but numerous resolutions for this blog’s upkeep have resulted […]

  • Dr. Shah Faesal from Kupwara tops Indian Civil Service Exam

    Got this news from Twitter. @FreeKashmir reported that Dr. Shah Faesal from Kashmir topped the IAS, and was complaining that “the news didn’t make it to the Indian media”. It would indeed have been surprising and disgusting if Indian media had ignored this, so I immediately googled the topic, and there it was — on […]

  • Faisal Shahzad – Another Pakistan Connection

    Whenever a new terrorist plot unravels in the US in these times, it does not take too much to bet that it will have a Pakistani connection. In India, the phrase “Pakistani connection” has had to be so much overused, that it has become almost a joke and acquired the same meaning as “crying wolf”. […]

  • Kashmir's War with Plastic Bags

    While reading the e-paper edition of Greater Kashmir (a daily newspaper published from Srinagar, Kashmir) today, I saw an interesting front page advertizement from Srinagar Municipal Corporation.

  • PA Gym Killer George Sodini was a Blogger

    There is not a lot of detail out yet about who George Sodini, who killed 3 people in a Pittsburgh area Gym yesterday. But what is known is that he kept a blog, and already had his date of death written there. Apparently, the killer’s blog site has crashed due to all the attention, but […]