Jaime Pressly is Engaged to Simran Singh

Jaime Pressly, image courtesy WikipediaAccording to this People magazine story updated a few hours ago, Jaime Pressly (best known as Joy on the NBC sitcom My Name Is Earl (she won an Emmy for it) has got engaged to Simran Singh, an entertainment lawyer.
The name Simran Singh seems to be of Indian origin (Sikh or Hindu), but at this time there is not enough information about Mr. Singh’s background, except that he is an entertainment lawyer.


Are Indians spicier?

Google has added some masala to Adsense support for their Indian publishers, or so they say. They have a team based in Hyderabad, and are “looking to improve the AdSense experience for Indian publishers”. From the picture on this post on Google Adsense blog, all but one of the seven team members look Indian.


Sunita Williams

Under this category, InhiA (Indian names heard in America) I will be talking about just that – Indian names heard in America, and finding out how much of Indian origin the person is. What better name to start with than Sunita Williams, who is currently in space, assigned to International Space Station.
Sunita Williams was born Sunita Lynn Pandya on September 19, 1965 in Euclid, Ohio. Her parents are Deepak Pandya, a famous neuroanatomist hailing from Ahmedabad, and Mrs. Bonnie Pandya, who is of Slovenian origin. Sunita has a B.S. in Physical Science from U.S. Naval Academy, 1987 and an M.S. in Engineering Management from Florida Institute of Technology. She is married to Michael J. Williams.
Sunita who left for the space station on December 9, is expected to stay there for about six months. Here’s a short (48 seconds) interview of hers from the space station, courtesy YouTube. Notice how her hair is flying in zero gravity.


My Radio page

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A number of visitors to my blog come as a result of searching for “des pardes radio”. Well, des Pardes is the name of my blog, and I have been writing about radio in a couple of my posts. So, like a good netizen, let me tell the people who lose their way and land up at this page, that Des Pardes is a desi radio program broadcast from CIAO 530 AM in Toronto area. It has excellent programming but has nothing to do with this site. But, since I am a radio aficionado myself, I found myself searching for Internet radio stations broadcasting Hindi music without too many strings attached — pop-ups, ads, spyware, have been turning me off from Internet radio. Well, I was successful in locating as many as 16 stations (at the time of writing this) available over the internet that can be listened to without as much as opening your browser for the feed (with a couple of exceptions).  These come from places as varied as New Zealand, Mauritius and Netherlands. So, here is my radio page. Enjoy round the clock Hindi music, and let me know if I missed anything.
In addition to the 16 music stations, there are audio news feeds from 7 news channels, and also links to audio from two Toronto stations broadcasting “part-time” Hindi music, including Des Pardes radio programme.  I am looking forward to making this list more exhaustive — but no excessive ad-serving and pay-to-listen stations.
हिन्दी में पढ़ें।


Karan Goel on Fortune SB cover

Twenty-two year old Karan Goel, University of Chicago MBA student, and founder CEO of PrepMe is on the cover of this month’s Fortune Small Business magazine. Go Karan!
The founding team of this test preparation provider startup consists of Avichal Garg, 22; Karan Goel, 22; and Joseph Jewell, 24. Jewell seems to be a gem – he scored a perfect 1600 on his SAT, and then teamed up with these (apparently) desi kids to start an online test preparation company.
Read the full story here, and more here. They are all over the Internet anyway.


WordPress meet, powered by Indian cuisine

We have recently had quite a few blogger meets in Hindi blogdom. Last week came the news of the big WordPress geeks meeting face to face. It was a surprise to know that Matt Mullenweg and Ryan Boren, the two main developers of WordPress had never met face to face. Matt wrote last Friday

It appears that the inimitable Ryan Boren is going to be in Northern California this week so it seemed like a perfect opportunity for a WordPress meetup and geek dinner. Although Ryan is the other main developer of WordPress and we’ve worked together for a long while now, we’ve never actually met in person so this promises to be a momentous occasion. We’re going to start with dinner at Chaat Cafe at 6 PM this Saturday (July 23) and see where it goes from there. Here are the details:

Ryan made an announcement too, about how they were going to unfold a new world order over Bhelpuri, Mango Lassi and Mint Chutney.
Pictures of the meetup were posted just yesterday.
Looks like desi cuisine is becoming as much a part of cyberdom as the desi geek.
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