Mile Sur Mera Tumhara!

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Happy Indian Independence Day. Most of us have watched and heard the multi-lingual unity song “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara” on Doordarshan. The song is in 15 Indian languages, and the lyrics in each language roughly mean “when your tune unites with my tune, it becomes our tune”. It was a permanent fixture on Indian state TV in late 1980s.
Most of us know 2-3 of the languages, and understand a couple more well enough to understand the lyrics. I was keen to get the full lyrics of this song, with each language portion in respective script, so I started a thread on yahoo group Hindi-Forum last year. The thread didn’t run very long, but Arvind Iyengar, a super-linguist in an engineering student’s garb, helped complete the lyrics single-handedly. Still there are apparently some errors left. Recognize your language from the lyrics below, and let me know if there are any errors. Read the lyrics in Devanagari here, and in respective scripts here (multi-lingual Unicode font needed, e.g., Arial Unicode MS).

[hi] Mile sur meraa tumhaaraa to sur bane hamaaraa
sur kii nadiyaa har dishaa se baha ke saagar me.n mile
baadalo.n kaa ruup le kar barase halke halke
mile sur meraa tumhaaraa to sur bane hamaaraa
mile sur meraa tumhaaraa …
[ks] chaa’ny’ taraz tay myaany’ taraz
ik-vaT bani yi saa’ny’ taraz
[pa] tera sur mile mere sur de naal
milke bane ik nava sur taal
[hi] mile sur meraa tumhaaraa to sur bane hamaaraa
[sn] muhinjo sur tohi desan piyaaraa mile jaDe.n
giit asaanjo madhur taraano bane taDe.n
[ur] sur kaa dariyaa baha ke saagar me.n mile
[pa] badlaa.N daa ruup laike barsan haule haule
[ta] isaindaal namm iruvarin suramum namadakkum
tisai ve’ru aaanaalum aaLi ser
mugilaay maLaiyay poLivadu pol isai
namm isai..
[ka]nanna dhwanige’ ninna dhwaniya
seridante’ namma dhwaniya
[te] naa swaramu nii swaramu sangammamai
mana swaranga avatarinche
[ma] ente swaravum negaludae swaravum
otthu chernu naamudae swaramayi.
[bn] tomaar shur moder shur
srishTi korur oiko shur
[as] srishTi ho oiko taan
[or] toma mora swarera milan
srishTi kare chaalbochatan
[gu] mile sur jo thaaro mhaaro
baNe aapaNo sur niraalo
[mr] maanjhaa tumchyaa jultaa taaraa
madhur suraaanchaa barastii dhaaraa
[hi] sur kii nadiyaa.n har dishaa se baha ke saagar me.n mile.n
baadalo.n kaa ruup le ke barase halke halke
o mile sur meraa tumhaaraa to sur bane hamaaraa
mile sur meraa tumhaaraa …
to sur bane hamaaraa …
Update Sep-09,’06
I have received numerous comments and emails from readers asking for the original video of the song. I kept searching for it myself, and finally, I found it today on YouTube. Looks like YouTube user Ottawa has uploaded it two months ago. So, I have added the video above.
Update Sep-10,’07
Exactly one year after the above update, reader Gurudev pointed me to the above higher quality version. Dhanyavaad, Gurudev.

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great work yaar…..
i was just losing hope of finding the lyrics when i stumbled into ur site, the writer has done a commendable job. CONGRATS.

Hey nice work guys…
But for quite long time, I’m looking for original video of Mile Sur Mera Tumhara…If u have or if u know the source of that video, please let me know.
Thanks and Regards

Hai, this is pasham from hyderabad. iam searching for original video of “MILE SUR MERA TUMHARA” scince 3years, even i approched the DOORDARSHAN office but they refused to give,
so, plz any one send me this file or atleast send the url plz plz plz
and my mail id is “”

nic work, a discussion wit my father gt me 2 serch fr tis lyrics, i even want the hamara bajaj lyrics and the video of mile sur mera tumhara, if possible do tell me wer i can download it frm.
nic work guys

Great work. But from years I am searching for the original video of this track. not the one by MIT but the original which was on air in doordarshan days ago. If you could send that link to my mail I would be grateful. great work keep it up

Hi All,
If any one finds the video or even audio of “Mile sur mera tumhara”. Please send it to me. I had been searching for the same from a long time. Please forward me the link or video at
Thanks in anticipation.

Hi Pals
My sincere thanks to “Chandan Vedak” for taking the efforts of sending me couple of amazing old MP3 that i use to listen in my childhood on Doordarshan including Milse Sur Mera Tumhara that i had been searching from a long time.
Just one more request. Can anyone PLEASE forward me the Audio of Mahabharat Title song (Mahabharat by B R Chopra that use to be aired on Doordarshan)…. The one which starts like “Aath shree Mahabharat Katha….” Please, i would be really obliged if ayone could send the same to me.
You can forward the same or the link to my email id –
Thanks in anticipation.
I hope my search would soon end with one of you helping me out.

There was another video with all the athlete running,, pt usha, kapil dev, sunil gavaskar…
Anyone remember the name???
Thanks in advance

There was another video with all the athletes running,, pt usha, kapil dev, sunil gavaskar…
Anyone remember the name???
Thanks in advance

I don’t know if this is the same piece of music that the person above has requested, but can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me where I can get the music from the series Mahabharat by Chopra…the old one which stars Mukesh Khanna. I can’t find it anywhere.

Wow great job…there are so many childhood memories that come flooding back with this song…Its almost impossible not to have a proud smile on your face when watching/listening to mile sur mera tumhara.In case anyone knows a link to the original DD verson,,please do post it
thank you

hi ,
u cant imagine even that how much happy i m today . as “mila sur mera tumhara” is my very very very very favourite song . i didnt hope that i will ever be able to get the lyrics of this song .it has been many a years that i have not listened to this song .meri dili tammana hai ki main is song ki video dekh saku .kabhi childhood me doordarshan par dekha karte the ye song.plz plz plz if u let me know that how can i see this video. u can send me mail to my ID
i cant say even thanks to u bcoz wat u did is much more than only saying thanks to u .

This is really a nice job. I just want to help you regarding errors in assamese script.Its written in bengali script and again it should be “shrishti hauk oikatar”. Thanks

this is really a great song showing multicultural and multilingual fac of India.does anybody has any idea who is the creator of this mastrepiece, means director of video,song writer,music etc..?

Thanks a lot.!!
Mile Sur Mera Tumhara is really my fav..!!
Can anyone send me the mp3 of it ?
Also I am looking for this one : “the one in which all are running,, pt usha, kapil dev, sunil gavaskar… with Mashaal in hand.. ”
my email ID :
also, if anyone interested in gujarati music and literature.. feel free to visit my blogs..!!

i aint got that, but i got a video of a song ‘ek anek’ which used to come during about the same times on DD. lemme know if u want it on my gmail id. i would like to share some other old DD tracks too if i can. its really joy man.
thanks for the effort to whomsoever created it. n i m interested in some gujarati tracks too if u can help me out.

Hey! Good work.
I am going to quote this on my blog.
I was looking for the composer of this piece. If anybody knows, drop me a line.
I think this is one of the most soulful compositions I’ve heard in Bhairavi (Sindhubhairavi in Carnatic)

Thanks so much for this file.. Was looking for it cos there’s a school programme where little children will perform multi-cultural dance to this song and it was impossible to get otherwise.. 🙂

Hey Guys
This is very very very very very very good. Thank you very very very very much for posting this song.I have been looking for the original video for this song for long time and thanks to you I got it.When I first time saw this video I really cried a lot because I have been here into this motherfucking America for 5 years and I never got chance to see this video but finally I got it. I thank you very very much again. This song has reminded me the most beautiful and wonderful moments that I have spent in my motherland India.Ohh God I feel like to listen this song like zillion times a day. Once again thank you very very very much.

Hey guys
Can you please find the video for an another patriotic song “Baje Sargam har taraf se” like you have found out the original version for ” Mile Sur mera tumhara”.

[ma] ninDe’ swaramum nii.ngaLuDe’ swaramum
dhaTTuche’yum namuDe’ya swaram
well it actually goes as
ente swaravum ningaludae swaravum
othu chernnu nammudae swamayi
translated to be as my sound and your sound joined to form our sound thats roughly the same meaning in every language rt!?
gr8 work by the by is there any chance of getting of good print for donloads …if so do let me know

Hi I never knew that one day I will grow up and again listen to this song and doing that with lyrics is like old days are here in front of me… Thanks a ton man for the video and lyrics…

great man i was looking for this song since a long time but i got this from u thanks man . this is very patriotic song dont u think so !!

Hey, that was amazing wat u did!! well if neone cud provide a link 4 the other national integration video – Baje sargam har taraf se goonj bankar desh raag- it’d be wonderful…..also the lyrics ( i know that’s too much 2 ask 4…but still!!) but the video wud do splendidly 4 the moment!!

Thanks to you for uploading “mile sur mera tumhara”. I want eassy link to download them if you know tell me about them.

hey it was really grt having this video on net, but just awnted to confirm if u get this video in market, so that i could purchase a copy. if possibel plz do mail me on my address.
thank u

Mile sur mera tumhra is not song for me it is prayer for me.when I listen it I feel that I am with so many gods.I am looking for oreginal version of this song.

Its Really marvelous Work..
I was finding this song n Lyrics since long time…
Thank you very much …

Really thankful to show this video. I was looking for this video since a very very long time…Thanks a lot…

Thanks Binu…
But there is a small correction
[ma] ninDe’ swaramum nii.ngaLuDe’ swaramum
dhaTTuche’yum namuDe’ya swaram
well it actually goes as
ente swaravum ningaludae swaravum
othu chernnu nammudae “swaramayi”
translated to be as my sound and your sound joined to form our sound thats roughly the same meaning in every language rt!?
gr8 work by the by is there any chance of getting of good print for donloads …if so do let me know

there is a slight modification you have to make in the above written malayalam line from our national integrity song. here am sending the correct lyrics..
[ma] “…. ente swaravum negaludae swaravum otthu chernu naamudae swaramayi….”
it means “…my voice merges with yours , together its our voice…”
please edit these line and update as soon as possible…
arun george devasia

To download the mp3, go to top of this post, right click on the link that says “audio” and choose “save target as”.

hey guys this is to all specially to the administrator i have got meny songs in which i think meny ppl will be intrested and i would like to share it with you guys….but u will have to promise that u will not give it to anyone……………………………..just kidding man u have to promise that u all will take pain and spread this video as i m doin…because i also got these videos after this promise mail me if anyone wants these old video or tell me a place where i can upload all the videos so that every Indian can download….my mail id

It was fantastic, it’s unbeliavble for me, i can’t listen this type of marvelous
song in my life, I have no words to explain this song, it’s trully majestic,
thanks a lot,
I required this song cd or mail or what ever
please do the need ful

When i ma listening this song than i feel realy proud there is no gap between any leungage this song is take away from a purticular religion. That is awsoum.

hey, can i also get another song from Doordarshan in which the sports lamp (jyothi) will be passed onto many people, singing.. Remember ??

the correct lyrics for the Tamil song is
[ta] isaindhaal namm iruvarin suramum namadhaagum
thisai vaeraanaalum aaLi ser aarugal
mugiLaai maLayaai poLivadhu pol isai
namm isai..
The word “aarugal” is missing. Kindly update it.

I love this song and makes me nostalgic…. Balamurali krishna, Bhimsen Joshi, Lata Mangeshkar…..Phew and many more singers ……. What a feel ……This song is an emotion for all Indians……… 🙂 Its just not a song… Thanks a lot for posting the MP3……..

hi sir, i m navalkishor from sarva shiksha abhiyaan maharashtra.
i like very much “MILE SUR MERA TUMHARA”
And i want to show the performance of some mentaly challenged students on that song. like ” TAARE ZAMIN PAR”
will u please please please help me to download that song in mp 3 format.

this song my most of the fav song , i cant express in my words , im kanndiga my language in this ………………………………….
i love you INDIA

Hi! Excellent Compilation of the vernacular lyrics!
However since the post is otherwise so perfect, I cannot help but mention that there should be a slight correction in the Bengali part:
‘korur’ should be changed to ‘koruk’.
Thanks 🙂

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