WordPress meet, powered by Indian cuisine

We have recently had quite a few blogger meets in Hindi blogdom. Last week came the news of the big WordPress geeks meeting face to face. It was a surprise to know that Matt Mullenweg and Ryan Boren, the two main developers of WordPress had never met face to face. Matt wrote last Friday

It appears that the inimitable Ryan Boren is going to be in Northern California this week so it seemed like a perfect opportunity for a WordPress meetup and geek dinner. Although Ryan is the other main developer of WordPress and we’ve worked together for a long while now, we’ve never actually met in person so this promises to be a momentous occasion. We’re going to start with dinner at Chaat Cafe at 6 PM this Saturday (July 23) and see where it goes from there. Here are the details:

Ryan made an announcement too, about how they were going to unfold a new world order over Bhelpuri, Mango Lassi and Mint Chutney.
Pictures of the meetup were posted just yesterday.
Looks like desi cuisine is becoming as much a part of cyberdom as the desi geek.
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July issue of Nirantar, the Hindi blogzine

Nirantar, the first and only Hindi blogzine on the web has just released its July issue. The issue, just like its previous issues, was religiously launched in the wee hours (IST) of the first day of the month. As a coordinating editor for this issue, I was supposed to make an announcement on the 1st of July on my blogs. I was only able to make a hurried post on my Hindi blog (broken links, typos, and all) before I rushed off to spend the holiday weekend at Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland. Now I am back online, rejuvenated, broken links, typos, fixed. My apologies to the rest of the team.
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