Type your language in Windows

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Type your language in Windows

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[…] 4. Why should I use Uninagari, when my operating system has IME (Input Method Editors), and other editors are available? When you have access to other editors, obviously you don’t need to use Uninagari. Uninagari has been found to be most useful when you are working on a computer not your own, where you don’t have permission or time to install anything. It is also a great tool for beginners in Indian language typing. My recommendation is to graduate to IME as soon as possible. To set up Indic IME on your read this article. […]

my computer show in Hindi as below . i have window xp. what is the problem …why show such type of charecter….
अपनेलोग की इस वेबसाईट मे आपका स्‍वागत् है । इस वेबसाईट को आपके सामने प्रस्‍तुत करते हुए मुझे अत्‍यंत हर्ष की अनुभूति हो रही है । अपने विशाल समाज की स्थिति को देखते हुए कई दिनों से मन में एक ललक थी कि इस समाज को ऐसा मंच प्रदान किया जाए, जिसके माध्‍यम से अपने समाज (कुशवाह

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