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Uninagari multilingual Indic typewriterThis post will act as FAQ for Uninagari – an online Indian language Unicode typewriter, that has existed on this site for a couple of years, and has now expanded to include more keyboard options and more languages. At this time, it supports Devanagari (Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, Nepali, Maithili, Konkani, Dogri, Sindhi, Kashmiri, etc.), Gurumukhi (Panjabi, Kashmiri, Sindhi, etc.) and Nastaliq (Urdu). Very soon, I will add some more Indian languages. (Update December-08: Now Uninagari supports Bangla, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu) If you use Uninagari and have a question, please go through the following FAQ, and if your question is not covered, leave a comment at the end of this post.
1. What is Uninagari?
It is a simple, no-frills typewriter that enables you to type in some Indian languages, using Unicode fonts. You can type your words, sentences, paragraphs in the text box provided and can copy it (Ctrl+C) and paste it (Ctrl+V) to your document (word-processor, email, presentation software, graphics software, whatever) as long as it supports Unicode. Uninagari is a simple text editor and will not allow any text formatting (bold, italic, font size change). You can apply all formatting in the destination document.
2. How are the keyboard layouts arranged?
The keyboard layouts either follow an established standard keyboard, or are semi-phonetic. By semi-phonetic, I mean that as far as possible, characters are assigned to their nearest phonetic equivalent in Roman script. Second preference has been given to tha shape of the character. Look at the keyboard graphic for details.
3. I am already used to a typewriter layout. What is there for me?
Devanagari typewriter has the option of three more keyboard layouts – Inscript, Remington and Shusha. Even if you are a beginner typing devanagari and will be typing more in future, I recommend getting used to Inscript layout. It is great for touch-typing. Uninagari editors for languages other than Hindi support only one keyboard layout.
4. Why should I use Uninagari, when my operating system has IME (Input Method Editors), and other editors are available?
When you have access to other editors, obviously you don’t need to use Uninagari. Uninagari has been found to be most useful when you are working on a computer not your own, where you don’t have permission or time to install anything. It is also a great tool for beginners in Indian language typing. My recommendation is to graduate to IME as soon as possible. To set up Indic IME on your read this article.
5. I want to use Uninagari offline/download it for my personal use.
This tool basically fills the need for online typing. There are other better tools for offline typing. However, I will make Uninagari available for download very soon.
6. How do I type half characters and conjunct characters (devanagari)?
Half characters and conjunct characters are not assigned to separate keys in Uninagari. Add a halant ( key in default layout) to create a half character, e.g. क+्+य+ा=क्या. Similarly ज्ञ can be obtained by typig ज+्+ञ.
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Deepak, ज्ञ does not come from joining ग् + य, but from joining ज् + ञ. Please use p+d+} in Inscript keyboard to get ज्ञ.

I sent you the following reply by email but looks like the email you provided did not exist.
यूनिनागरी के बारे में आप का कमेंट पढ़ा। मुझे ठीक से समझ में नहीं आया कि आप को किस तरह की समस्या आई। क्या आप यूनिनागरी में लिख कर जीमेल में कॉपी-पेस्ट कर सकते हैं? आप का ऑपरेटिंग सिस्टम कौन सा है? वर्ड के बदले वर्डपैड पर पेस्ट कर के देखें और मुझे बताएँ कि क्या दिखता है।
– रमण

hi..plz help me in this keyoard to type khanda. i know hoq to do in other fonts like gurbani lipi by entering key >. but i wen i copy it doesn’t type khanda.. jus the word >. plz help me asap.

hi sir,
i know punjabi type…and i use ramington keyboard…and use ‘GurmukhiLys 020’ font but i am not able to type your suggested ‘Gurmukhi’ fonts…please give me the right solution…thanks

Kamal ji,
What do you get when you type in the Uninagari box? Please understand that you will need Unicode compatible fonts on your computer. Also, at this time Uninagari does not support Remington layout for Gurmukhi.

hi sir.
thanks for replying. sir when i type in Uninagari box the fonts are difficult to find myself because i learn type from simple typing machine then now when i type in Uninagari box its consume much time…because fonts are not setteled like simple typing machine and i can’t type in my fast way …i hope you’ll solve my this problem in future….and i shall be very thankfull to you. your this work can great role for punjabiat.

??-??-???? ??? desi4seva ?? ???? ????? ?? ?????? ? ??
?????? ?? ????? “????” ???? ?? key board ?? ????? ??? ????? ???? ?

Nishant, please read item 6 in the the FAQ above. Also see 2nd comment above and my reply to that. Thanks.

I do not know how to type the khanda on the Gurmukhi keyboard
i also cannot find various letters like the tenth letter of the alphabet
please help me
this is urgent
i must publish this every soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have added the Khanda to the keyboard. Please press % (percent) sign on the Gurmukhi keyboard to get the Khanda sign. Make sure your Unicode Gurmukhi font has the necessary sign. I will soon add it to the keyboard image. Which other character is missing? Please look at the following table and let me know the number.
I would appreciate it if a valid email address is given with the comment, particularly when you are seeking help, so that I don’t get undeliverable message when I try to reach you.

Raj, if you can read the Hindi in the text box, then your computer already has the font. Most likely, you have “Mangal” font which comes with Windows-XP and later.

नीरज जी, श्रीमती लिखने के लिए S \ r I m t I लिखें।

Ye shortened URL dekhiye:
mere bade kaam ka hai jab main ghar ka computer isemal nahin kar raha hota

Thank you so much for this beautiful site. I have a youtube channel and I use your website to write hindi/sanskrit script.
Thanks Again.


Hello Kaul.
I tried tons of online typing software but your site is THE BEST. (for both URDU and Hindi). One serious regret though. Could you please allow us to also save the actual keystrokes. This way we can later edit the English and get a better Urdu or Hindi out of it if needed. Eg If I have “meira naam’ typed instead of ‘mera nam’ then it shows as “????? ????” and if we replace all instances of “meira naam” to “mera nam” in a word processor then we can change all the instances of the incorrect Hindi too. Also it is useful for me to save what I actually typed as I want to share that with my friends.
Some sites like and downloadable softwares e.g. Brahmi have two windows, one for what we type and one showing the transliterated text, thus allowing us to copy OR paste Roman text and see the transliterated text in the other window immediately. Could you please do this for your online version too.
Another thing I want to ask is whether you can type tashdid, suppress a tashdid, Waw-e-atf, Alif maqsura or tanwiin in your Urdu typing site?? These are all possible in the site (just for your reference)
Please email me if needed. Thanks for you site and hope you can add these features to your urdu and hindi typing sites.
Best regards,

Dear Sir,
Today afternoon I had left a reply in hindi in this box typed with hindi writer which after submission turned into question marks. I sent it again. It was once again converted into question marks. I understand it has been subsequetly removed by administrater.
I feel this websight does not accept reply in Hindi. Kindly highlight it so that users dont waste their as well as your effort.
I had written in that reply.
Dear Sir,
I have seen your uninagari on line webpage it is really a wonderful effort it is based on anglonagari keyboard. The beauty of anglonagari keyboard is that it requires much less number of key depressions for the same text.
Long back you had promised off line version of the same. Do you have any plans for the future.
As per your guidance, I have tried indic IME anglonagri key board but I have noted a big problem viz. use of capslock key for choti a ki matra and badi a ki matra but every time one forgets making the caps key off and moreover there is no way of writing a of eiak and a of ainak.
And how to write poorna viram.
Will you please guide how to do it.
Please come out with a off line solutin if possible at earliest.
arora SK

Dear Sir ,
on 25 tn Mov 2008 Afternoon I posted a letter in this col two times in hindi written with Hindi writer but it was changed to question marks.
I suppose this box requires messages in Hindi. Kindly give this warning in bold letters.
I am very much impressed wirh your uninagari half phonetic key board.
Does it contain all Hindi letters. Is it same as Devnagari keyboard developed by you for SC unipad.
In that keyboard you have developed capkey option and then another option with alt shift etc three keys. what was the compeltion to go for an option beyond caps key when there waere positions vacant for allotment.
arora SK

I am sorry that at present this comment box does not accept Unicode text. Please bear with me while I troubleshoot. I am quite busy at this time and am not able to devote enough time to this site. Until this problem is solved, please post in English, or leave a comment on one of the posts on my Hindi blog (

क्षमा करें, वर्डप्रेस के सेट-अप में एक त्रुटि के कारण इस पोस्ट पर टिप्पणियाँ भारतीय लिपियों में नहीं दिख पा रही थी। अब यह समस्या दूर कर दी गई है।

प्रिय मित्र,
यह एक परीक्ष्ण संदेष यह देख्ने के लिये भेज रहा हूं कि ठीक से हिन्दी में छपता है कि नहीं
सुरेन्द्र कुमार आरोड़

प्रिय मित्र,
यह एक परीक्षण संदेश यह देख्नने के लिये भेज रहा हूं कि ठीक से हिन्दी में छपता है कि नहीं
सुरेन्द्र कुमार अरोड़ा

प्रिय मित्र,
मैनें हिन्दी के कई साफ़्ट्वेयर आप की साइट की तालिका से देख कर इस्तेमाल किये ।
उन सब आफ़ लाइन वर्शनों मे मुझे हिन्दी राइटर और बारहा सब से अच्छे लगे।
हिन्दी राइटर की लगता है अब सप्पोर्ट नहीं रही क्योंकि इस की अधिकृत वैबसाईट पर अब इस साफ़्ट्वेयर के आलावा बाकी दुनिया की सब जानकारी मिलती है ।
बारहा मुझे लगता है सबसे बाजी मार रहा है क्योंकि इसकी अधिकृत वैबसाईट पर सब जानकारियां मौजूद हैं
परन्तु मुझे समझ नहीं आती कि यह सब लब्धप्रतिष्ठित साफ़्टवेयर वाले एन्गलो नागरी की बोर्ड की फ़िलासफ़ी पर अपना कीबोर्ड क्यों नहीं आधारित करते।
ऎसा करने से यह बार बार पूरा वर्ण लिखने के लिये a key नहीं दबानी पड़ेगी
मेरा कहने का तात्पर्य यह है कि, की दबाने पर पूरा वर्ण आ जाये, जब इसे आधा लिखना हो तो दो की दबानी पड़ें एक की वर्ण के लिये और दूसरी हलन्त के लिये ।
इस तरह से टाइपिंग का काम आधा और सपीड दुगनी हो जायेगी
यदि आप मुझ से सहमत हैं तो मेरी आवाज सही लोगों तक पहुंचाने के लिये मदद करें
सुरेन्द्र कुमार अरोड़ा

There is a half R in Punjabi, which comes under the alphabets. It is missing in your Punjabi editor. Can you also add that? Please.
Thanks a lot

Do you mean the half R as under ਪ in ਪ੍ਰਤਾਪ ? If so, please type p\r and you will get ਪ੍ਰ .

Hi, This is a great site without a doubt. Please make available an off-line version of all these languages.
I have come across other web site that offer off-line or add on but have missing letters. Your site is complete.
Thank You.
ਖ਼ੁਸ਼ਵੰਤ ਸਿੰਘ

my laptop does not support uninagari…while my office computer does. Uninagari keyboard appears on the screen but when i type types only hindi no punjabi or gujarati..what is the problem sir?

Please use \ (backslash) for halant.
For ऍ use $
For अ‍ॅ use H, then ` (key to left of 1), then > (greater than sign)

I have done some trial writing with unicode with unexpected & amazing results.
1. How the speed can be increased. The copy paste option in word needs an intermediate transfer. Can you avoid that?
2. Conceptually I had been contemplating to make use of the Roman-latin script in writing in kashmiri/hindi on a one to one character basis. Then select the Roman-latin write up by the hindi&/or font and get the nagari version – in a straight translation, because the original is in hindi/kashmiri language.
3. I observed that you are Raman Kaul who created the lalded script font. That makes me believe that you are the best person to do so.

. After typing a word or a line, how can I go back to a particular alphabet and edit? The cursor keeps going to the end of the sentence no matter what I try with backspace or delete.
How do I save the text as UniNagari?

Very good and easy for online typing. Only problem is that we cannot insert/edit in between the sentence as mentioned above…but otherwise very convenient…Thanks.

Hi sir,
You did a wonderful job. This is a great site. Thanks a lot. Could you please guide me how to type shrignesh (to start) and shagird (pupil). I am finding difficulity to write SHRI and RI on a letter (as RI in SHAGIRD. Thanks a lot.

Use the Halanta (\) as necessary
श ् र ी = श्री
श ा ग ि र ् द = शागिर्द

sir, this is not typing hindi anymore. why? it was working fine a few days ago. Not able to write hindi letters. Whenver i type it shows only english. Please guide. Thanks

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