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It very very useful for typing and saving on-line work. But there is something missing which is called TIPPI, in layman words it is ulta chand.It will be very great of the Admin to solve this issue if possible. I am very much fond of this typewriter.God bless those who are doing this type of free service to help people learn & type in their own MOTHER TOUNG.Thank once more & Salute to these language typewriters.

@Jagdev ji
Please use ^ (shift+6) for TIPPI. Let me know if this solves your problem. Thanks for your words of encouragement.

Raman Kaul Ji
Thanks VERY VERY MUCH for very quick guidance to a person who is just a beginner. It has not only solved but tought me one more lesson.Could you please clear my doubt that if this type writer can be down loaded for off-line use.
At present I am facing one more problem that I am unable to view the Keyboard layout on my laptop. I can view all other excep Gurmukhi. I can view very small Image when I am trying to view with right button I am getting message:”Firefox can’t find the file at“.Please guide me.
Once more THANKS & SALUTE for sparing time from your valuable schedual.GOD BLESS THIS & all other PROJECTS of your’s.
Best Regard

when i type a letter, a correponding english alphabet appears alongside it, so i have to erase it every time i type a alphabet, and then move on to next alphabet…rest its cool, no comparison.good work.

This website is amazing, easy to write, everything is perfect but I have a question that did they guys made any keyboard for GURMUKHI, so that we can install that on our computer because when am not at home, its hard for me to write punjabi without internet access, so guys plz help me asap. There are soo many of punjabi keyboards but on those keyboards it’s hard to type on. I am very thankful to the owner of this website who gave me oppertunity to write punjabi on my websites or in computer, I feel very pround when I write my name in punjabi and other guys ask me whts this(specially my canadian friends. Thanks very much! May god help you to keep this up!

Veer ji this websites gives instructions but I need keyboard installer made u uninagri, punjabi is already in the computer but typing is hard so I need same key as on your typewritter

i’m a new user to this site kalam diyan paidan,in the begining it was working gud but now since 2 o more mnths its not working.whenever i click to go on this site to write in punjabi message comes that internet explore cannot find this web page.i’m really grateful to you for making possible writing in punjabi and to spread our language in whole world to make it known.please if possible sort this problem as soon as possible.and morover i have searched in gogle other sites to write in punjabi but in vain.

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