The Legal Immigrants

The topic of legislation of illegal immigrants is taking up a bulk of the airwaves on radio these days, particularly on NPR. The public radio has also had a series of reports from Jennifer Ludden about various aspects of immigration — legal and illegal. Hearing about people talking in favor of and against Mexican labor always made me wonder — what about the legal immigrants, who come in the front door, but have to struggle through a long winded process of “legalization” i.e., the coveted green card.
Sure enough, the last report in the series from Jennifer was about the H1B-holders waiting for their green cards, and wondering how long a wait is too long. Read about the report here, and listen to it here. As expected, the report mostly features Indian skilled workers, and their advocates. There is a link to non profit organization Immigration Voice too, on the NPR page. Check it out!

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sigh… my husband is an American and its just taking SO long for the visa to get processed so I can go over there…
Gah.. no wonder people try sneaking in.. if they made the procedure a little less hassled for the honest wouldnt be such a bother!

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