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Don't Get Your Hindi Tattoo Wrong

Update 7/21/2015:
Due to shortage of time, I am unable to devote time to replying to comments on this blog post. Sorry, the comment box is now closed.

victoria tattoo on david beckham's armBritish soccer star David Beckham has his wife Victoria’s name tattooed on his forearm. But it is spelt wrongly. I am not sure if the error is intentional, but it looks like “vhiktoria”. So, if you have decided to get a Hindi tattoo, or are in the tattoo business, make sure you get a good translation or transliteration (as the case may be) for your planned tattoo.
If you have a Hindi tattoo question, ask it in the comment section of this blog post and I will answer your query for free in the same section as soon as possible. My answer will be in text form. You should copy the text to Wordpad, and increase font size to 20+ to see the image correctly. Make sure the font is “Mangal” or “Arial Unicode MS” or any other Unicode Devanagari font. It is your responsibility to have the correct font on your computer and to copy the text correctly. If possible, send me a picture of your tattoo and I will put it up here. For example, see the pictures of Hindi tattoos that readers of this blog got after asking for translation here.
freedom = स्वतन्त्रता, courtesy Mary ___ Scorpio = वृश्चक, courtesy Corey
Before you ask, please read the following:
1. Computer translations (Google, Bing, etc.) can sometimes be very good, but sometimes very bad. Therefore do not get yourself inked based on a computer translation.
2. Do not ask me to verify if a translation you got from the computer is correct. Just ask me what you want translated. You can check it against a computer, but don’t come back and ask me why it is different. I am a native speaker, and I will do my best to give you a good translation. However, I will be happy to verify another native speaker’s translation for you.
3. Caution about proper nouns like names: If it is a name you want transliterated to Hindi, let me know how you pronounce it, particularly if it is a name not common to English speakers. Hindi is written in a phonetic manner, so I must know how you pronounce it. After I give you the Hindi version, double check with somone who can read Hindi.
4. Please do not ask about translations in languages or scripts other than Hindi. I do not know Sanskrit, Gujarati, Marathi, etc.
5. Do not call Hindi Hindu. Hindi is a language, Hindu is a religion.
6. I do this free of cost as a service to the language I love. Don’t write me long paragraphs to translate. A word or two, even a line or two are fine. Be prepared to wait a day or two (sometimes more, if I am traveling) before you get your answer.
7. Here are some commonly asked tattoo words and phrases. These get asked so often that I decided to include them here. Check here before asking:
Peace = शांति or शान्ति (different spellings for the same word), pronounced Shanti
Freedom = आज़ादी or स्वतंत्रता
Be the change = परिवर्तन बनो
Be the change you want to see in the world = वह परिवर्तन बनो जो संसार में देखना चाहते हो
Never a failure, always a lesson = नाकामी कभी नहीं, सबक हमेशा
Power = शक्ति, pronounced Shakti
Strength = दृढता
family = परिवार
faith = आस्था
hope = आशा
Some phrases/sentences that are frequently asked, but don’t translate well into Hindi:
Be at peace, not in pieces.
Carpe Diem
Important Disclaimer: This service is provided with no warranties and no acceptance of liabilities. While I will do my best to answer your query correctly, do verify it from another source before getting a tattoo.

4,883 replies on “Don't Get Your Hindi Tattoo Wrong”

I want a tattoo with the word “yes” in Hindi. Could you please tell me how do you write it? I don’t want to make a mistake that last forever on my skin!

I assume you want to translate “true beauty” to Hindi.
Please see above, including links to verify the text.

hi i would like to get a tattoo in hindi nd i would like to know if you can you pleasee tell me how do u write in hindi
Nothing lasts forever

Can you please translate the following name of my husband as I have paid for three translations, all of which have turned out different.

I am looking to give a graduation gift to a friend.
How would you translate Doctor Pangrac into Hindi?
The name sounds as it is spelled with two short a’s.
Your help is much appreciated!!!

It is important to know how Pangrac is pronounced. If it is pronounced as “pan” (as in frying pan), and grac (to rhyme with crack), then it would be written as:

डॉक्टर पैनग्रैक

The first word above is “Doctor”. If “Pangrac” is pronounced differently, let me know. As I said in my post above, copy the text to Wordpad and increase font size to 20+. Also try using font Arial Unicode MS.

You mean from “Slumdog Millionaire”?
It is written:

यह लिखित है

pronounced “yeh likhit hai”
यह लिखा हुआ है
pronounced “yeh likha hua hai”
Verify it here

If it is pronounced rhyming with “tax”, then Max will be


I know in Germany it is pronounced as “maaks”. In that case it will be written as:


i seem to be having some incongruities with translations on the word ‘grace’ and wanted to know your opinion on it. not like grace the name but as in god’s grace or the state of being. not sure if that makes a difference.
thanks again.

It is hard to get a single Hindi word that gives you all the meanings of the English word “grace”. Two words that are closest are शोभा (shobha – meaning beauty, glory, grace) and कृपा (kripa – meaning grace, benevolence, blessing, favor).
You will be safe if you use one of the following:
ईश्वरीय कृपा = divine grace
प्रभु की कृपा = Lord’s grace
As explained in the post above, copy the text to Wordpad and increase font size to see proper shape.

I need a quote translated into hindi
“Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm”
Can you help?

Katie, sorry for the delay. Your quote is translated below.
चुप्पी तूफान का अन्त नहीं, तूफान के बीच की शान्ति है।
This is as close as you can get. The only problem is serenity and silence are near synonyms, and it is hard to find two separate words for them in Hindi that would clearly tell the difference, but I have done the best I can. You can safely use this translation.

Would you happen to know the word for “truth” written in Devanagari? It’s for a tattoo, and I keep getting conflicting information…
Thanks very much, Nicole

The word for “truth” in Hindi is “satya”, written in devanagari as “सत्य”. This is a word from Sanskrit, and is used in more formal Hindi. In day-to-day Hindi we use the derivative word “sach” (pronounced like the English word “such”) and written in devanagari as “सच”. Remove all quotes and increase font size in Wordpad to get a good idea of the shape. For a tattoo, my preference would be to use सत्य.

The word you have written is not Hindi or Devanagari. It is written in Perso-Arabic script. This word “Haq” is of Arabic or Persian origin and is used in Urdu as well as in Hindi. It means “right” — as in “my civil rights” and also as in “correct behavior”. It does not mean the same as “truth”.

If you pronounce it like Venesia, then it is वेनेसिया (If the “c” in your name sounds like “s” in see)
If you pronounce it like Veneshia/Venetia, then it is वेनेशिया (If the “c” in your name sounds like “sh” in she)

ann = ऐन
life = लाइफ (the English word transliterated into Hindi script)
life = जीवन (Word “Life” translated into Hindi)

I was wondering if you could translate this rather large quote into a decent hindi translation for me.
“He was just all alone. He couldn’t enjoy a game with anyone else. Like living in a dream, That’s the kind of man he was.”

वह एकदम अकेला था। उसे किसी के साथ भी खेलने में मज़ा नहीं आता था। बस जैसे सपने में रहता था। ऐसा ही था वह।

hey i want to do a hindi tattoo.. i wondering if you can help me.
I have two sentence i maybe want, they are:
“you will never walk alone”
“Liverpool is probably the best team in the world”
thanks 🙂

“you will never walk alone”
तुम सफर में कभी अकेले नहीं होगे।
“Liverpool is probably the best team in the world”
लिवरपूल शायद दुनिया की सब से अच्छी टीम है।

hey again, i have change the sentence, and i hope you can help me again 🙂
“In my opinion is (or are) liverpool the best team in the world.”
does it matter if it is “is or are” ?

i did a translation on google and the answer is :
मेरी राय में सबसे अच्छी टीम ने दुनिया में लिवरपूल है.
is that right ? xD

The order of words in the Google translation is not correct. There are some other minor errors too. Correct translation is:
मेरी राय में लिवरपूल दुनिया की सब से अच्छी टीम है।
You can confirm it by doing a reverse translation in Google. “Is/are” doesn’t matter. In Hindi “team” will always be singular. Even in English, “are” will be wrong, don’t you think?

hehe i suck on english but i believe you 🙂 thank you very much again, keep the website going cause i think many peaple will need your help and get very satisfied 🙂
thanks !

If you pronounce it as Luke Stefen, then it is लूक सटीफन
If you pronounce it as Luke Steven, then it is लूक स्टीवन
Copy to Wordpad and increase font size.

Namaste Kaul,
i have translated the following using google;
my love, my life, my heart, my wife
मेरा प्यार, मेरा जीवन, मेरा दिल, मेरी पत्नी
is this right?
thanks in advance!

Prathima or Pratima = प्रतिमा
Meghan or Megan = मेगन (if it is the English name Megan)
Meghan = मेघन (if it is the Hindi/Sanskrit name Meghan)
Remember to see the word in a larger font by copying it to Wordpad.

i did a reverse as you told me to do on:
मेरी राय में लिवरपूल दुनिया की सब से अच्छी टीम है।
it came “Liverpool in my opinion the best team in the world.”
did you forgot the “are or is” or have you done right and google is fucked up ^^,
thanks again !

Google does a literal translation and does not do a good job translating sentences. I confirm that my translation is correct. Sorry for leading you to the reverse translation from Google.

Can you just translate some letters for me. I want E K T M
These are my children’s initials and I want to get them tattooed on my foot. Thanks

E K T M = ई के टी एम
Please note that these are not corresponding Hindi letters, but names of English characters E K T and M, written in Hindi script.

“the body is secondary to the soul”
basically meaning, it dosent matter what happens to the body, as the soul is eternal

आत्मा अमर है, शरीर नश्वर।
aatmaa amar hai, shareer nashvar.
The soul is eternal, the body is perishable/mortal.
There is no good word for secondary, so the above is what you should use.

Hi Kaul again – thanks for the above…
hey can you translate to sanskrit also:?
‘my love, my life, my heart, my wife.’
‘TAJ 1-4-3 ‘
Many thanks again!

Sanskrit is not my expertise, but here is what you can use:
मम प्रियतमा, मम जीवनः, मम हृदयः, मम पत्नी।
TAJ 1-2-3 = ताज १-२-३

Hi, i like to make some tatoos in hindi (or better in Nepali).
But i’m not sure there is a big difference between Nepali and Hindi (because they both come from sanskrit).
i want to tattoo me the name of my daughter Eléna (éléna).
or if it’s too short, maybe “ma fille, ma vie” (it’s french. it means : my daughter, my life)
on my other arm i like “carpe diem “.
Carpe diem is a phrase from a Latin poem by Horace. It is popularly translated as “seize the day”.
a friend of mine is looking for the word “freedom” or “free tibet”
Thanks for help

Nepali and Hindi use the same writing script, but are different languages. I do not know Nepali. I am giving you the Hindi translations:
Eléna (éléna) = एलेना
my daughter, my life = मेरी बेटी, मेरी जान
carpe diem = There is no good translation for this in Hindi, a literal translation is पकड़ लो दिन को
freedom = स्वतन्त्रता
free tibet = स्वतन्त्र तिब्बत

शान्ति से जियो is “live with peace”, or “live peacefully”, which is what you mean.
“live in peace” does not translate well into Hindi literally.

hello again 🙂 i am trying to find someone that can confirm with that you are telling me. and it was on guy that have answer and he said :
“In my opinion is (or are) liverpool the best team in the world.” =
मेरी राय में, दुनिया में सबसे अच्छी टीम लिवरपूल.
“you will never walk alone” =
तुम अकेले चलने कभी नहीं होगा.
and probably you can say it in many ways like in swedish so can you say like that?
he didint said that you told were right yet, cause i didnt ask him, i wanted him to tell first who he translate, you have probably right..
thanks ! 🙂

Hello i was thinking about getting a tat that said
Serenity or Tranquility. What would the correct translation be? Thank you

or : मेरी राय में लिवरपूल विश्व की सर्वश्रेष्ठ टीम है।

Both sentences in your first comment above are wrong.
The sentence in your second comment is correct:
मेरी राय में लिवरपूल विश्व की सर्वश्रेष्ठ टीम है।
It is the same as what I said (see below), except the words chosen above are more of Sanskrit origin, while the ones below are more used in common conversation.
मेरी राय में लिवरपूल दुनिया की सब से अच्छी टीम है।
You can choose any one from these two.

The word for Serenity or Tranquility is शांति (also written as शान्ति). It also means “peace”.

hello again, thanks for all the help and i gonna get a tattoo of this script aswell, and i just wonder how to write it. i mean, i have sites, ex: and there can you write with hindi with diffrent sizes and its great, but i have a question..
david beckhams misspelt tattoo have also a diffrent “write type” than when you write on the internet. i mean, if you look on davids tattoo
” विक्टोरिया “. you can se the letter that looks like a “R” , around 6 letter in the word. and the big different is the things over the line. where they end, if you understand, i suck in english so its hard for me to express myself. hope you understand. so is davids “write type” wrong or is it just a little different thats not important? THANKS 😀

सृष्टि का हर कार्य पहले विनाश का कार्य होता है।

In all languages, you will see some difference in typed and hand-written text. Also, text looks different in different fonts. But you will be fine if you copy the typed text as it is.

Both are Live as in “I live my life”.
The word for live is रहो and it comes at the end in Hindi.
स्वतन्त्र and आज़ाद both mean “free” and you can use either. The first word is of Sanskrit origin and second word is of Persian/Arabic origin. The latter is used more in Urdu, but also used in Hindi. Click here to verify.

किसी बात में विश्वास करना और उसे न जीना बेईमानी है।

I like to know how to write Stanimir or Ivelina in hindi
Thanks 🙂 I`m from Bulgaria and I have a one hindi tattoo it is a indian women who say`s Namaste with her hand`s and i want to make a second :).
Please help me

Hi Kaul,
could you translate my mums name- Hemlata
in hindi, and also (might be a stupid question) but does it make a diffrence at all spelt in capitals or without???

Hemlata = हेमलता
There is no concept of capital/small letters in Hindi/Devanagari script.
Mathias = मथियास

Hi I was wondering if you could give me the translation for the words
‘love’ and also ‘family’
i was wondering is hindi a language which would be ok if written vertically.
Much like english etc or whether the message is mistaken if not written horizontally.
Thank you

love = प्रेम (prem)
family = परिवार (parivaar)
Mostly, you should avoid writing Hindi vertically, because the characters are joined to one another in a specific way, which will not look right if written vertically. In some cases, you can write one syllable below another, but that will work only in long words or sentences.

I am looking to get a tattoo of the word for fate in Hindi. I was told it translates to kismat. Is this correct? How is it written?
Thank you.

Yes, Kismat is fine. Kismat is written as किस्मत
Kismat is more a word for luck, than for fate. Similar word is भाग्य (Bhagya).
Other words for fate are नियति (niyati) and तकदीर (takdeer).
kismat and takdeer are from Persian origin.
bhagya and niyati are from Sanskrit origin.

im looking to get the word “truth” or “believe” in hindi tattooed near my wrist. Every where I go tells me something different about how it is written!
please help if you can!
thank you

truth = सत्य (satya)
belief = विश्वास (vishwas)
believe = विश्वास करो (vishwas karo)
Also see my reply to Nicole above.

Could I ask for another translation? sorry for being a pain lol
what would be the translation for the letter ‘C’ and is this ok to have on its own? or would that be strange?
Also for the number ’10’ thank u
like I have said thank you!!!!

You are welcome.
There is no Hindi alphabet exactly same as C, because Hindi characters depend strictly on sound. You can transliterate the name of the letter C to Hindi script. It will be the same as the transliteration of the word “sea” or “si”.
C = सी
10 = १०
ten = दस

Hi, I hope you can help me please. Thank you! I’m considering having a tattoo that says something my most dearest friend used to say. I would like to know how do you translate: Everything is temporary

No one is free who is slave to his body.
जो अपने जिस्म का गुलाम है, वह आज़ाद नहीं है।
Everything is temporary.
सब अस्थायी है।

sir i am planing to have this phrase tattooed on me. “giving up is not an option” . can you please translate that for me..thanks.!!

“giving up is not an option”
हार मानना कोई विकल्प नहीं है।

Hi, hope you can help me with this! I`m going to do a tattoo so i really need your help!!!
Love you mum

Can you translate this for me?
nothing is heavy to those who have wings
I know you said that long words can be broken up in order to be written vertically. Would that be possible for this phrase? Any thoughts or suggestions?

Literally, “Love you mum” will be
माँ मैं तुम्हें प्यार करता हूँ।
But I would suggest the following alternatives:
लव यू माँ (with English words Love and You)
माँ तुझे सलाम (this is a popular term, holding mother in high regard).

nothing is heavy to those who have wings
पंख हों तो कुछ भारी नहीं है।




Thank you so much for the translation, I just wanted to know if that “l” looking thing on the end of the sentence is supposed to be part of it…because it seems to be on the end of a lot of sentences.

Hello! I want to write the word Shanti in hindi. I want the meaning to be like “shanti shanti”. I hope you can help me, Regards

Shanti = शान्ति
You can also write it as शांति
You can repeat the word twice or thrice, e.g.,
शांति शांति शांति

David Staaf = डेविड स्टाफ
If you pronounce your last name with a “sh” sound at the beginning, then it will be डेविड श्टाफ

Hello Kaul,
I would like to know the translation of the following:
“No apologies, no regrets”
Thank you in advance.

hey i was wondering how you would write
and how you would write
and how you would write
“just believe”

“No apologies, no regrets” = क्षमायाचना नहीं, पश्चाताप नहीं
“Metamorphosis” = कायापलट
“love” = प्रेम
“faith” = आस्था
“just believe” = बस विश्वास करो

Isabella Rose Amend = इसाबेला रोज़ अमेंड
Gage Carver Amend = गेज कार्वर अमेंड
I assume you pronounce the last name like the word “amend” (as in amendment).

Hello thanks so much for starting this thread! Just wondering if you could translate ‘hope’ for me into hindi? From what I remember it is asha and written like this आशा. Is that correct? Thank you!

i am Nasos from Greece,can you write me my first and last name in Hindi:
Nasos Christakos
Also the word ‘Immortal’

You are right. Hope = आशा(asha)
Nasos Christakos = नासोस क्रिस्ताकोस
Immortal = अमर

Hi Kaul,
thanks for your previous answer,
can you also send me the hindi word for Greek name ‘Athanasios’?
Best Regards

Hi Kaul!
Me again and i need your help!!
My name with same font like Beckhams “viktoria” !!
David Staaf

Hi Kaul,
I’d like to get a tattoo with my middle name which is «Léa» in french but I can’t find the correct way to write it in hindi.
Thank you 🙂

In typing we cannot reproduce the hand-written font, and on a webpage like this, there is not so much flexibility. In any case, there is not much difference in various fonts as far as construction of letters goes.

hi kaul,
are there any hindi phrases or words for:
‘Rest in Piece’ and
‘we only live once’?

Kenny = केनी
We only live once = जीना बस एक बार।
Rest in peace = ?
There is no good literal translation for this.
if you mean to say this for a dead person, then you say आत्मा को शान्ति मिले (may the soul get peace).
If you want to say for a living person,
Live peacefully = शान्ति से रहो or शान्ति से जियो

I i would like too have my daughters names tattooed but dont want them done wrong could you help please
Chloe-annalies and Libby-anna
Thank you very much

Meet me in our dreams = मुझे हमारे सपनों में मिलो।
Natalia = नताल्या
Chloe-annalies = क्लोई-ऐनालीस
Libby-anna = लिबी-ऐना

Hello, I hope you can help me – I’m trying to find the Devanagari for the word ‘contentment’
I found a transliteration site which tells me it could be:
‘tRpti’ which shows as तृप्ति
‘alobha’ which shows as अलोभ
or ‘svaasthya’ which shows as स्वास्थ्य
Which would be the most appropriate for conveying contentment with life as it is?
Many thanks

तृप्ति is the only word that is close.
तृप्ति means satisfaction (as in when someone has quenched one’s thirst or satisfied one’s hunger)
अलोभ means absence of greed.
स्वास्थ्य means health
A better word word for contentment would be सन्तोष or सन्तुष्टि

My colleague (Swedish) would like to have a tattoo in Hindi.
The sentence he would like to translate is:
“I am closest to myself”.. It can be interpreted as “I love myself”.
I came up with मैं बेहद करीब हूँ …. Is this correct?
Is there a better way to put it…
Thanks in advance…
BTW: I am a south Indian who does not have “proper” Hindi proficiency 🙂

Your translation is good. I would suggest the following:
मैं सब से ज़्यादा खुद के करीब हूँ।
or in Sanskritized Hindi
मैं स्वयं के समीपत्तम हूँ।

Kaul could you help me?
What is the Sanskrit word or phrase meaning “Karma”?
and “Everything happens for a reason” (or “nothing without reason”)
“No day like today”?

@Leighaa G
Karma is a Sanskrit word and is written as कर्म
“Everything happens for a reason” = हर बात का कोई कारण होता है।
“nothing without reason” = बिना कारण कोई बात नहीं होती।
“No day like today” = आज जैसा कोई दिन नहीं।

Hi can you translate two names for me please:
1. Katie Nita Jago pronounced Kaytee Neeta Jaygo
2. Hollie Alice Jago ronounced Holly Alis Jaygo

@Lee Jago
Katie Nita Jago = केटी नीटा जैगो
Hollie Alice Jago = हॉली ऐलिस जैगो
The “t” in Nita is a bit tricky. If you pronounce “t” the way English speakers do, then the above is correct. If you pronounce it with a dental “t”, then it will be नीता. I am saying this because Nita, Anita, etc. are Indian names too, but are pronounced with a dental “t”.

Thanks Kaul we would pronounce it as in the word ‘Tank’ but as it’s written in Hindi should I spell it how you pronounce it?

I think you should spell it the way YOU pronounce it, so that when someone reads it, they pronounce the name right. IMO you should use
केटी नीटा जैगो
I asked because some other non-English speakers also use the dental t.

Namaste Kaul,
Thank you for doing all this…
How would you write : “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” in Hindi
Thank you again

what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger
जो मारता नहीं, वह शक्ति देता है।

hi there,
is my pleasure to find this page.
its very kind of u to help translating those hindi words.
Acutally i need the translation urgently,
its my father name Agus Widjaya
its pronounced as A – GUS — WID – JA – YA
is that okay to combined the 2 straight above the words ?
BEST REGARDS in everything you do !!

@billy sentosa
Agus Widjaya = एगस विड्जया
Normally you are not supposed to join the line between two words. In decorative text you can join the line, but be carefull to leave space between the words.

Hi Kaul,
you’re the best! I can’t believe I stumbled on this site. Could you please translate the phrase : “Beauty lies within”

Beauty lies within = सौन्दर्य भीतर होता है।

Thanks! One last thing. Can this phrase be written vertically? If so, would you be able to write that out for me as well?

Actually I think I got it…is this correct?


You got it. Perfect.
You can skip the “।” at the end, if you want. It is the period (“.”) at the end of a sentence.

Can you please translate this Ghandi quote for me as, as I am considering a tattoo?
Live as if you were to die tomorrow.
Learn as if you were to live forever.

जियो जैसे कल मरना हो।
सीखो जैसे सदा जीना हो।

Hi can you please translate this into hindi: Love ceases to be a pleasure, when it ceases to be a secret.
thank you!!!

Hi. I would like to get a tattoo in hindi. And I would like to know, if you can tell me how do you write, the following two sentences, in hindi, an how to pronounce it, please.
1. “With open eyes…”
2. “If you do not like it, make new.”
Thank you.

Love ceases to be a pleasure, when it ceases to be a secret.
प्यार में मज़ा नहीं रहता, जब वह राज़ नहीं रहता।
(pyaar me maza nahi rahataa jab vah raaz nahi rahataa.
With open eyes…
खुली आँखों से… (khulee aankhon se)
If you do not like it, make new.
अगर पसन्द नहीं, तो नया बना लो। (agar pasand nahi to nayaa banaa lo)

Thank you for your translation.
I have one other question.
What means “sath me aakhe kolo” (hindi) into english?

Knowledge Reigns Supreme = ज्ञान सर्वोपरि है।
“sath me aakhe kolo” means “open eyes together”.

Thank you very much. You are so great :o)
One last question. The following sentence, that you translated to me:
With open eyes…
खुली आँखों से… (khulee aankhon se)
–> Could you please write it in cursive and bigger font?
… for the tattoo, please :o)
Thanks a lot ;o)

Please copy the text to wordpad and increase font size to 20+. There is no cursive font available for Hindi, because there is not much difference in hand-written and typewritten text. Making an image file and posting it is outside the scope of this blog post. You can try “Arial Unicode MS” for an alternative font.

Hi Kaul,
Thank for all you make make about this. It’s very nice of you.
I have just a problem, I’m not english speaker (I speak french). I haven’t find the same web page in french. You give me the translation of forward steps (in Hindi) but what the translation of forward steps^^, I cannot find.
Just give me the meaning in a few words, that’s will be very nice.

Hi there!!!
cud u plzz send me the names-RICARDO & ERNESTO written in hindi.Its urgent.plzzz…..mail me….

Hi, Im looking for a translation for a possible tattoo:
Have strength.
Give love.
Be fearless.
Please, and thank you :>

Hi I have a reeeeaaaally long translation if you could please try and translate it for me. It’s a peom…
Let me live in a house by the side of the road where the race of men go by,
the men who are good and the men who are bad, as good and as bad as I.
I would not sit in the scorner’s seat or hurl the cynic’s ban. Let me live in a house by the side of the road and be a friend to man.

Hi so I have a really long translation I need. If you could help me that’d be great!
Let me live in a house by the side of the road where the race of men go by. The men who are good and the men who are bad, as good and as bad as I. I would not sit in the scorner’s seat or hurl the cynic’s ban. Let me live in a house by the side of the road and be a friend to man.

Have strength = सशक्त बनो
Give love = प्यार दो
Be fearless = निडर रहो
Sorry I won’t be able to do justice to a poem, or a long passage with deep meaning.
My children are my wealth = मेरे बच्चे मेरी संपत्ति हैं।

Would you know how “My children are my wealth” would be written in Arabic?
You’re awesome for doing this. Thank you again.

could you inform me how “George” and “brother” are written in HINDI????
Thank you in advance,

Sorry I don’t know Arabic.
George = जॉर्ज
brother = भाई
Sabrina = सब्रीना

I would like to have my name RAJ WADHWA Written in Hindi. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

hi….i just wanted to thank you for putting up this site….i was looking for the word life and picked it right off of your page….thanks again for your generosity and service……

I was wondering what the difference between ‘prem’ and ‘pyaar’ is when referring to the word ‘love’? Sometimes you use one and sometimes you use the other. I have pyaar tattooed on my hand like this: प्यार, is that not correct?

The words प्रेम (prem) and प्यार (pyar) are synonyms, and both mean the same thing — love.

Would it be possible to get you translate my wifes name ( Kara ) to Hindi please as i would like to get it tattooed.

lot lot of online places are spelling it like this काड़ा What is the difference ? forgive my ignorance but if im getting this on my skin i want it right first time.

No it is definitely कारा.
काड़ा is incorrect. That puts the pronunciation closer to Kada.

Hi Kaul,
Thank you very much for translating my name. However, my friend just mentioned that the name should be spelt in Hindi as WA-DHA-WA, however your hindi translation is वधवा instead of the above. Can you please provide me with the above translation with Wa instead. Sorry for the trouble.

You are right. However, following will be more accurate.
कारा मेरी ज़िंदगी
Note the extra dot below the last word, which helps to make it more accurate (zindagi) rather than jindagi.
Another alternative is to write कारा मेरी जान
In this case जान means “life”, in the sense that living things have life (जान) in them. मेरी जान is used quite often as an expression for a loved one.
वधवा (Wadhawa/Wadhwa) is the correct way your last name is written in Hindi. Since it is a well-known last name in North India, I have it right.

Thanks so much Kaul =) I am very grateful! I was wondering is there diff dialects I could get “My Chance” in…I seen Sanskrit and Marathi…could u translate for me in these two dialects as well….thank u so much again. u are a great help =))

Sanskrit and Marathi are different languages in themselves, not dialects of Hindi, although both use the same script as Hindi. I am not enough of an expert in Sanskrit or Marathi to help you with this translation. Sorry.

Yes it does.
MOM AND DAD ETERNAL LOVE = माँ और पिता जी, अमर प्रेम।

You are awesome… thanks for making your knowledge available, for free!
There’s a line from the song “Dil Se Re” from the movie Dil Se that I am thinking of getting as a tattoo. I have the Hindi transliteration; I’d like to know what it is in Devanagari, and also, I don’t know if the Hindi transliteration that I have is correct.
The English is:
The heart’s miseries are fleeting,
Like bubbles of water.
The Hindi transliteration I have is:
Gam dil ke paksh chulbule hai,
paani ke ye bulbule hai.
Thank you!!!!

Interestingly, the word “paksh” does not make sense in the lyrics. I see various transliterations on the web, and even the youtube videos are not very clear. In my opinion, the actual lyrics are:
Gam dil ke *bas* chulbule hain
paani ke ye bulbule hain.
These lyrics make more sense and I confirmed them at
and here is the Hindi transliteration:
ग़म दिल के बस चुलबुले हैं,
पानी के ये बुलबुले हैं।

“bas” (pronounced like “bus”) means just
“paksh” means “side” as in “whose side are you on?”
“Gam dil ke bas chulbule hain” means
Miseries of the heart are just naughty/flirtatious.

Hi, how do you think “i ‘m junk but i’m still holding up this little wild bouquet” would translate?

Thanks so much for this incredible site. After receiving a stem cell treatment in India, I’m wanting to get a Hindi tattoo.
Can you tell me how ‘A million little moments’ looks?
Thanks again,

I don’t think that will translate very well into Hindi, but here’s something that is very close:
मैं कचरा हूँ पर फिर भी यह जंगली फूलों का गुलदस्ता लिए खड़ा हूँ।
Good for you. Hope you are recovering well.
A million little moments = लाखों लम्हे छोटे छोटे
The first word in this Hindi phrase means 100,000 (not a million). This is because there is no Hindi word for a million. We have lakh (100,000) and karod (10 million). But above translation conveys the sense of what you are saying very well.

Thanks for all your help, Kaul.
I’m still a little confused, because I thought the line was something to the effect of “the miseries of the heart are fleeting” – as in temporary, or not lasting. Naughty/flirtatious doesn’t really make sense, and is not something I’d want tattooed on me!
But you’re right, “paksh” doesn’t make sense at all!

The word in question is “chulbule”, which is in the song basically because it rhymes with the word “bulbule” (bubbles) in the next line. “Chulbule” means naughty, playful (e.g., a child), or flirtatious (e.g., a girl). So, indirectly you can say “playful/flirtatious miseries”
are temporary miseries, particularly because it goes on to say that they are like bubbles. But interpreting poetry is not always an exact science. BTW, if you haven’t heard the song, you can listen to it here:
Your lines are at the end (4:23 minute marker).

Thanks, Kaul.
I have heard the song- it’s one of my favorites, I love A. R. Rahman! But I didn’t realize that’s how “chulbule” was translated…
I appreciate all your help!

Could you please translate either “universal love” and/or “one love”? One love meaning one love for all mankind

The literal translation of “universal love” is
सार्वभौमिक प्रेम
Another phrase (from Sanskrit) that has similar sense is:
वसुधैव कुटुंबकम्
It means “the world is a family”.

thank you for the translation, i understand how it would be difficult. would simply “little wild bouquet” be easier and more true?

hey thanks for that. another this id like to know what about ‘ One Life, One Chance’ ? in hindi and gujurati?

Hi Kaul. Thanks for this site! Could you please translate “blessed” into Hindi and “Everything happens for a reason” into Hindi. Would the hindi translation of evrything happens for a reason still be interpreted the same way from English? Thanks so much!

One Life, one chance = एक जीवन, एक अवसर।
There is no good translation for “blessed”.
blessing = ईश्वर की कृपा or आशीर्वाद
“Everything happens for a reason” has been translated above.
हर बात का कोई कारण होता है।

I am thinking of getting a Hindi tattoo on my foot and was wondering if you would mind translating
Claire and Ian everlasting love.

Hello, can you please translate this into hindi:
“control yourself”
“Magdalene” (I hope this is good name translation, I had some problems with finding a good one)
Greetings from Poland 🙂

Claire and Ian everlasting love = क्लेयर और आयन अमर प्रेम।
“balance” = सन्तुलन
“control yourself” = संयम रखो।
“Magdalene” = मैगडलीन

Robin = रॉबिन
Ronja = रॉन्या
(I assume you pronounce Ronja like Ronya)

Hey Kaul,
Very interesting, can you help me with following names:
These are the names of the ladies in my life ( daughters and the love of my life)
Since I’d like to get their name tattood on my arm, I hope you can work out something a tattoo artist can work with.
The bigger the size, the better!
Thanks in advance.
Appreciate it!
Willem ( from NL)

Djina = जीना (I am assuming you pronounce it like Jeena)
Sheìla = शीला
Asha = आशा
As I explained above, you can copy these to Wordpad and increase font size. Try Arial Unicode MS for a font variation.

Thank you Kaul,
If there is anything I can do for you….
I will tattoo all the names in this way, wow, exciting that finally I can do it!
This is for me not my first tattoo, I assure you, but I will find a spot near the heart!
Grateful I am for your effort!
Willem ( how would that be spelled?) 😉

forever young = चिरयुवा
हमेशा जवान
The first one is formal Hindi with Sanskrit origin. Second one is informal Hindi with Urdu/Persian origin.

Could you help me?
What is ” Son of the Promise” , “Believer of the Messiah” and “Seed of the Messiah” in Hindi.

Son of the Promise = प्रण-पुत्र
Believer of the Messiah = मसीहा में विश्वास करने वाला
Seed of the Messiah = मसीहा का बीज

hello, i was wondering how to translate my daughter’s and son’s name for my tattoo:
Malea (pronounced Mah-Lay-Ah)
Ronin (pronounced Roe-Nihn)
thanks so much!

Malea = मलेया
Ronin = रोनिन
You can write them vertically as follows:


Will you please translate Ghandi’s quote:
= be the change you want to see in the world
it is much appreciated; if there are any grammatical corrections/mistranslations, etc…, please let me know.
thank you and take care.

be the change you want to see in the world =
वह परिवर्तन बनो जो दुनिया में देखना चाहते हो।

क्या, तुम मजबूत बना देगा तुम्हें मार नहीं करता है is the translation I found for ‘What does not kill you, will make you stronger’ as far as Google is concerned.
Is this right?
My dear wife Asha would like to know.
How is your Tibetan by the way?
Thanks a million!

No the Google translation is not correct. I have translated your sentence above for Anne.
Sorry, I don’t know Tibetan.
Say Hi to Asha. My wife’s name is also Asha.

thank you so much. Does this quote/translation vary in any way as it is to be a permanent fixture?? Additionally, do you recommend any additional sites for translation? Once again, your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Hi i am really wanting a tattoo with hindi writing.
How do you translate ‘Forever I Believe In Life, Love and Dreams?’ Long one i know! 🙂

Forever I Believe In Life, Love and Dreams = जीवन, प्रेम और सपनों में सदा विश्वास है मेरा।

Hey Kaul,
It’s me again…
The familyname of my wife Asha is: Bishoen
Pronounciation is like it is spelled I guess.
How can this be translated for tattoo purposes in hindi?
Appreciate this!

Hey dude… what a great post….
Would you be so kind to translate my girlfriend’s name for me?
Her name is Diana.
Thank you.

Hi Kaul! This is so awesome that you are doing this for people! 🙂
How would you translate – “Ash and Rita” and also “One heart, One love”?
thank you so much for doing this!

hello myname is monique i’m dutch,
Can you plaese help me to translate these 3 phrase, in gujarati horizontal and vertically:
my beloved children
When I count my blessings I count you twice
I gave you my heart you filled it with love
it would meen a lot to me! thanks monique

Ash and Rita = ऐश और रीटा
One heart, One love = एक दिल, एक प्रेम
Sorry I don’t know Gujarati. I know Hindi, which is a different language from Gujarati.

Hi, if you could help me with this translation I would really appreciate it.
“Into blinding darkness enter those who worship ignorance and into greater darkness those who worship knowledge alone”

Into blinding darkness enter those who worship ignorance and into greater darkness those who worship knowledge alone =
अज्ञान के पुजारी अन्धियारे में जाते हैं, और केवल ज्ञान के पुजारी उस से बड़े अन्धियारे में।

Hi Kaul!
What you are doing is really WONDERFULL!!!!I’ve asked you in the past about something and I would really want to thank you!I would also like to help me again if you can…How the phrase “my brother George is my lucky charm” or ” I love my brother George ” are written in hindi????I want to make a tatto about my brother who I love so much….Also is there anyting like a pray or a wish which involves the name George that i could write (in hindi of course)???
Thank you again in advance, SOFIA

my beloved children = मेरे प्यारे बच्चे
When I count my blessings I count you twice = जब मैं अपने सौभाग्य को गिनती हूँ तो तुम्हें दो बार गिनती हूँ।
I gave you my heart you filled it with love = मैंने तुम्हें दिल दिया, तुमने उस में प्यार भरा।
my brother George is my lucky charm = मेरा भाई जॉर्ज मेरे लिए भाग्यशाली है।
I love my brother George = मैं अपने भाई जॉर्ज से प्यार करती हूँ।
A wish:
May my brother George live a hundred years = सौ साल जिए मेरा भाई जॉर्ज।

Hi, I am looking for the translation of ‘Believe’ in hindi.. if anyone could help me with this it would be greatly appreciated 🙂

“Hindu” is not the name of the language, it is the name of a religion. “Hindi” is the name of the language. All Hindus do not speak Hindi. All Hindi speakers are not Hindu.
A good equivalent of “Let it be” in Hindi is ऐसा ही हो (aisa hee ho).
A formal word used (from Sanskrit) is तथास्तु (tathaastu).

hi there, could you please translate the word Mother for me, along with the date 03/31/2006? i would appreciate it. thank you.

Hello kaul,
can you please help me also with those names?
thanks again greetz monqiue

Mother = माँ
03/31/2006 = ०३/३१/२००६
BTW, this is in Hindi/Devanagari script. I do not know Uchen script.
marco = मार्को
monique = मोनीक
wesley = वेस्ली
winnie = विनी

my father just passed away in a motorcycle accident and i wanted to get “Beloved Father” in Hindi..
can you translate that and then make suggestions for other phrases! thankss

Sorry to hear about your father.
Beloved Father = प्यारे पिताजी
That is a nice one. I can’t think of better ones at this time.

Thank you for doing this! I’m coming home from Iraq soon and I am the first South Indian female serving in the U.S. Army. I want to do something that represents both India and the U.S. With that said how do you say
“In God I Trust and in Him alone Truth triumphs” or something to that effect. Trying to get represent both of my countires.

oops, i want to correct the first south indian female thing..i’m the first South Indian female serving out of my family! Sorry!

hello kaul,
thanks again!!!!
I’ve got one more question, could you help me once more with the names but verticaly
greetzzzz monqiue

Peace = शान्ति or शांति
Please copy the text to Wordpad and increase font size.
Thanks for serving.
In God I Trust and in Him alone. Truth triumphs = मेरा विश्वास केवल ईश्वर में है। सत्यमेव जयते।

Hi! Im Andrea, from Latin America and I want a memorial tatoo with the name of my loved grandmother in Hindi. Can you help me?
The name is: MARGARITA

Kaul: if you can please help me translate my and my friend’s nickname for each other separetly
and this phrase: i’ll be your guide
thanks a lot*

thank you soooo much kaul!
can i also get the translation (both vertical & horizontal as well):
nothing lasts forever
thank you , thank you again! 🙂

Marco = मार्को
Polo = पोलो
I’ll be your guide = मैं तुम्हारा पथ प्रदर्शक होऊँगा। (where “I” is a male)
I’ll be your guide = मैं तुम्हारी पथ प्रदर्शक होऊँगी। (where “I” is a female)
Nothing lasts forever = कुछ नहीं रहता सदा।




Thank you so much. I was wondering if you could translate
twin souls and also separately
Thanks for your help, thinking on getting my first tattoo
and want it on hindi so thank you so much for your help!

If you please could translate the names: Jonah and Hermann for me, I would be forever grateful. And also, do you know of any signs or symbols that stands for the universal mother Durga?

20/11/88 = ૨૦/૧૧/૮૮
same in Hindi and Gujarati. Please note that I do not know Gujarati, but numbers are an exception. I translated ‘one life, one chance’ for you before. Do you mean you want it in vertical:


Jonah = जोना
Hermann = हर्मन
Sorry I don’t know an authentic symbol for Durga. There are many on the net, but I can’t vouch for their authenticity.

Can I get a translation for:
* Watch my dreams come true
* Photograph your dreams
* Photography (horizontal and vertical)
* Star (horizontal and vertical)
* I also was thinking about my business name: Photostar. Could that be translated? (horizontal and vertical if you could!) Thanks to much!!!

@Jay Mabry
* Watch my dreams come true = मेरे सपने सच होते देखो
* Photograph your dreams = सपनों की तस्वीर खींचो
* Photography = फोटोग्राफी
* Star = सितारा
* Photostar = फोटोस्टार

Hy Kaul
Well first I d’ like to say thanks for your work you doing here.
I born in india and I came here to switzerland as baby chlild.. My parents are swiss and I cant talk any indian language..
So now its time for my tattoo, my first name VANITA! Would you help me with a translation? I would love to have it vertical on my neck.
greetings from Basel

please could you translate for me this?
“is better to light a small flame than curse the darkness”
thanks a lot kaul!!!!

Vanita = वनीता
Dru = ड्रू
is better to light a small flame than curse the darkness = अन्धेरे को कोसने के बजाय एक दीपक जलाओ, छोटा ही सही।
brother = भाई

Hello Kaul 🙂
Thank you so much for helping me! Is there a possibility to write vanita vertical?
lots of sun from switzerland


No man is rich enough to buy back his past =
इतना धनी कोई नहीं कि अपना अतीत वापस खरीद ले।

I want to get a tattoo in hindi….unfortunately my grandfather, who was the last one who knew how to speak and write it, passed away. Can you please translate this for me?
“Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading of its hope; it can outlast anything. Love still stands when all else has fallen.”
Thank you so much!

“Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading of its hope; it can outlast anything. Love still stands when all else has fallen.”
प्रेम में सहनशीलता की कोई सीमा नहीं, विश्वास का कोई अन्त नहीं, आशा की कोई कमी नहीं। प्रेम शाश्वत है। जब सब समाप्त होता है, प्रेम टिका रहता है।

Hi!My girlfriend and I,want to get tattoos of our names in hindi
So can you please translate:
– Marko
– Biserka
– Biba

Hi could you please translate my daughter’s name as I want to get it as a tattoo:
Many thanks for your help,

Could you also translate Marie please, although I am not sure there is a translation for it? Thanks again, Suz.x

Kya = क्या (if k does not have a vowel)
Kya = किया (if you pronounce it like Kiya)
Marie = मरी (If you pronounce it like muh-ree)
Marie = मेरी (If you pronounce it like may-ree)
Obviously these are not translations, but transliterations, i.e., same sounds written in Hindi script. Interestingly, all the above Hindi words are common words in Hindi and have some meanings, which you should consider if using for a tattoo. क्या = what, किया = did, मरी (died), मेरी = mine.

I’m very happy to find your site.
I want to have “trust” and “with open eyes” in hindi.
thanks a million, I searched for months..

Thank you so much for your help!
I do pronounce it Muh-ree but there is no way i am having “died” tattooed on me so i’m not too sure what i will do.
Thanks for letting me know that.

You have the option of writing Marie as मर्री
That will basically trill the r sound and not make it sound like मरी. IMO, that is also closer to the actual pronunciation.

Hi there, Im desperate to get a tattoo in Hindo of the letter H or my name, Hayley. If you could get back to me with this i would be so thankful!!

Hi there. I was wondering if you could translate the quote “Be the change you want to see in the world.” by Mahatma Gandhi into hindi for me. Also, it is read from left to right, right? I will be writing it vertically, so I wouldn’t want it to be upside down. Thank you in advance! =)

i want to get a tattoo that says
“accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope”
can you translate that for me in hindi.
Thank you

“Truth alone will endure, all the rest will be swept away before the tide of time. I must continue to bear testimony to truth even if I am forsaken by all. Mine may today be a voice in the wilderness, but it will be heard when all other voices are silenced, if it is the voice of Truth.”
Could you please translate Gandhi’s following quote for me? Thank you.

“accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope”
सीमित निराशा को स्वीकार करो, असीम आशा को मत खोओ।
“Truth alone will endure, all the rest will be swept away before the tide of time. I must continue to bear testimony to truth even if I am forsaken by all. Mine may today be a voice in the wilderness, but it will be heard when all other voices are silenced, if it is the voice of Truth.”
केवल सत्य जिएगा, बाकी सब समय के ज्वार के आगे ढह जाएगा। सब मुझे त्याग दें तब भी मैं सत्य-साक्षी रहूँ। मेरा स्वर आज भले वीराने में गुम हो, पर जब सब स्वर शान्त हो जाएँगे तब मेरा स्वर सुनाई देगा, यदि वह सत्य का स्वर होगा।

“What does not kill me make me stronger”
I have this translation: ” जो मुझे मार नहीं सकती , वोह मुझे और मजबूत बनाती है ” it is correct?
If it is uncorrect can you translate me this sentence in hindi????

Basically there is just one word wrong. The sixth word वोह should be वह. But I would have translated it as
जो मुझे मार नहीं सकता , वह मुझे और मज़बूत बनाता है।
The difference is your sentence uses the “what” as feminine, and mine shows it as masculine. With an absent subject, a native speaker would use the default as masculine.

Hi there. I’d like to get a tattoo in hindi. Actually I’d like to know a translation for “freedom”. Could you please translate that word for me? Thanks.

Could you please translate “many worlds” into Hindi for me please – in Hindi script and phonetic English would be great!
Many thanks!

Thanks – I’d found सारे संसार courtesy of Google translator, guessing the ‘many’ was a little bit off?
Out of interest… and sorry to keep throwing things your way – could you show me ‘Crystal Jasmine Jubraj’
Again, thanks for your very quick help!

सारे means “all”, कई means “many”.
Crystal Jasmine Jubraj = क्रिस्टल जैस्मिन जुबराज (assuming the Jubraj is pronounced like joob-raaj (a variation of the Hindi name Yuvraaj?)

It is from the Hindi name, yes – although I’m guessing somewhat Anglicized through the generations!
I’m right in thinking that Hindi works on a phonetic basis for names? My wife’s name is actually Chrystal, though pronounced Crystal in the normal way… guessing that would make it exactly the same in Hindi?

Ok… last question I promise. For some of those words (Crystal and Jasmine) whatever the character is that looks like a lowercase ‘r’ that loops over the top of the line and sticks up above the rest… seems to get shifted within the word when I copy and past the unicode into photoshop at my end.
I’ve used about 5 different Devanagari fonts and its the same with all of them??

Sorry, that is an issue with Photoshop, and many other softwares that don’t work well with Unicode. Have you tried Gimp, the “open source photoshop”?. Another option, though not the best, is to use Shusha font and use the following text
ik`sTla jaOismana jaubaraja
As you will see there is a small error in the first character.

hello there wow I’m very suprised that so many people are curious about Hindi language and writing,u’re great to help us, we ignorant people hihi^^ I’d like to ask u how u would pronounce and write “my hero forever” it’s about my Mom so hero is feminin and also “star dust” and last one “dreamer” or “dream”thank uuuuuuuuuuuu 🙂

my hero forever = सदैव मेरी वीरांगना
star dust = सितारों की धूल
dreamer = स्वप्नदर्शी
dream = स्वप्न

One day we will meet again = हम फिर मिलेंगे एक दिन




Can you translate the english phrase “Light after darkness” or “after darkness,(I hope for) light” ?
Thank you 🙂

There is a very nice Sanskrit phrase which is also used in Hindi:
तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय। (This is a prayer that means, “take me from darkness to light!”)
If you want a phrase in plain language, then you can write:
अन्धकार के बाद ज्योति। (light after darkness)
अन्धकार के बाद ज्योति की आशा। (hope of light after darkness)

Kan je aub voor mij het volgende vertalen in Hindi karakters.
Ik zal altijd van je blijven houden.
Je bent zo altijd bij me.
Alvast heel erg bedankt

Sorry forgot to do in English 🙂
Hi there, could you please translate for me in Hindi
I will love you for ever.
You are in my hart fo ever

hi there, there is a few things i would like you to translate in to hindi for me please. can you please translate the name claire in hindi, ravi, sood and love. thank you, claire

Hemlata = हेमलता
Hem = हेम
I will love you for ever = मैं सदा तुम्हें प्रेम करता रहूँगा।
You are in my heart forever = तुम सदा मेरे दिल में रहोगी।
(these sentences are from a male to a female)
claire = क्लेयर
ravi = रवि
sood = सूद
love = प्रेम

Hello Kaul,
Whauw that’s quick, You’re great, thanks a lot.
I have tried this on other sites but no reply at all.
This is good !!!!
Thanks again

Hello Kaul good evening
You have translated for me earlier today a few things thanks again for that
Another question : is there a Hindi drawing in relation of what you have translated for me ( some kind of love between two people drawing )
Hope you can help me again.
Thanks in advance for your help.

I was wondering if you could translate my name and some phrases?
1st: Billy
2nd: Live
3rd: Karma
Thanks in advance.

Kaul good afternoon,
Could you please translate for me just 2 things in Hindi
I carry you with me forever
You are with me forever
Thanks again for your quick help much appreciated.

Kaul goodmorning
Could you please help me with the translations I want my tattoo today or lates tomorrow
I carry you with me forever
You are with me forever
Thanks a lot for your quick help

The second sentence translates better into Hindi.
You are with me forever = तुम सदा मेरे संग हो।

Kaulo goodmorning.
I would like to thank you for you translations you’re a great help to me.
One last thing could you tell me how to pronounce my translations
in Hindi.
I will love you forever
You are in my hart forever
You are with me forever
Thanks again for your great help

I will love you for ever = main sada tumhe prem karta rahoonga.
You are in my heart forever = tum sadaa mere dil me rahogi.
You are with me forever = tum sada mere sang ho.
Mother = माँ
Masami = मसामी
WILSON = विल्सन
PEACE = शान्ति

Hey Kaul!
Could you translate and write out the hindi word for “strength” and also “inner strength?” thanks!

Amanda = अमैंडा
strength = शक्ति
inner strength = आन्तरिक शक्ति
@Hensels Gwenny
Why do bad things happen to good people? = अच्छे लोगों के साथ बुरा क्यों होता है

can you translate my grandmother’s name?
and this quote: “Pursuit of the future strips us of the present.”

Alima = अलीमा if pronounced uh-lee-mah
Alima = आलिमा if pronounced aah-lih-mah
Pursuit of the future strips us of the present. = भविष्य का पीछा करने से वर्तमान छूट जाता है।

I’m getting a tattoo which says
Is this the correct translation
मेरी बेटी प्रिय
Many Thanks,

The words are correct, but not in correct order. The correct way to write it is मेरी प्रिय बेटी
I would use a more informal phrase मेरी प्यारी बेटी

my sons name is isaac. how would i write that in hindi? I keep getting different answers from different people.

It depends on how you pronounce it.
If you pronounce it as I-zack, then you write it as आइज़ैक
If you pronounce it as ih-saak, then you write it as इसाक

Would you be able to translate the words, love, desire and passion into hindi for me?
I would really appreciate it.

love, desire and passion = प्रेम, चाहत और आवेग
The words are in the same order, so you can choose them individually also.

hi i need i names in sandskit or hindi please help me
agustina :
More than my life, My daughter my soul,my family:
please help me with this……….

Single letters cannot be translated. I am translating the names and sentences into Hindi.
agustina = अगस्तीना
nicole = निकोल
rosa = रोज़ा
More than my life, My daughter my soul,my family = मेरी जान से प्यारी, मेरी बेटी, मेरी आत्मा, मेरा परिवार
No regrets = कोई पछतावा नहीं
Living without regrets = जीवन बिना पछतावे के।

Hi I read this translation from a earlier post.
When I count my blessings I count you twice = जब मैं अपने सौभाग्य को गिनती हूँ तो तुम्हें दो बार गिनती हूँ।
but when i typed into (google translate) it translated as follows = When I am counting on your luck, you’ll count twice.
I am having a tattoo done this friday which says
मेरी प्यारी बेटी
LOREN( in English )
जब मैं अपने सौभाग्य को गिनती हूँ तो तुम्हें दो बार गिनती हूँ।
I just wanted tobe 100% sure before i proceed.

The translation you wrote is correct if the person saying it is a female. If you are a male, you will write
जब मैं अपने सौभाग्य को गिनता हूँ तो तुम्हें दो बार गिनता हूँ।
It literally means: when I count my good fortune, I count you twice. Don’t bother about Google translate. It is machine translation and does not always make sense.
Everything else is fine.

Sorry if this is asking too much, but could you possibly translate the phrase:
“i just don’t want to die without a few scars”
Hopefully adding this to a tattoo i already have, would be hugely appreciated, thankyou 🙂

i just don’t want to die without a few scars = मुझे नहीं मरना ज़ख्मों के कुछ निशानों के बिना।

Hello again,
i’m visiting one of my best friends this weekend who speaks some hindi and he said he can try to verify translations if i bring them both to him. Not to miss this opportunity, could i possibly ask for a second translation?
“Without just one nest
A bird can call the world home
Life is your career”
(it’s a haiku quoted from the same book – fight club)
last time i impose on your generosity – i promise!

“Without just one nest
A bird can call the world home
Life is your career”
बस एक घोंसले बिना
एक पंछी दुनिया को घर बना ले
जीवन तेरी कर्मशाला है।

First of all… this is super awesome that you’re even doing this.. so many thanks beforehand. Wanted to see if you can translate “Chanel” and “Javier” in Hindi… that would be gnarly! Thanks again and await a response

Both Chanel and Javier have different pronunciations from the way they are spelt. Based on my assumptions of pronunciations,
Chanel = शनेल (pronounced shuh-nell)
Javier = हावियर (pronounced haa-vier)
If the pronunciations are different from above, please let me know. Please understand that in Hindi script words are spelt as they are pronounced.
New York City = न्यू यॉर्क सिटी

Hey Kaul,
Do you also translate into Punjabi?
If so, I was wondering if you could translate the following:
Spirit Of A Saint – Soul Of A Warrior
If you are unable to do Punjabi, please translate into Hindi.
Thanks for your time!

Hi thank you for this contribution, it’s awesome. I’d love it if you could translate for me : #1. “Legend” #2. “I’ve never been afraid to fail”
#3. “We are defined by the choices we make” .. if it’s not too much trouble ? I want something of the above as a tattoo and it will be a easier choice once i’ve seen it in hindi =)

I am not an expert in Punjabi. Gurmukhi is the same as Punjabi, it is the name of the script used for Punjabi. Also, Spirit and Soul would have the same word in Hindi/Punjabi.
Legend: There’s no single good word for this. It also depends on whether you are talking about a person or a story.
I’ve never been afraid to fail = कभी डरे नहीं असफलता से।
We are defined by the choices we make = हमारे निश्चय हमें परिभाषित करते हैं।

Hey Kaul,
would you be able to translate the following phrase:
“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without”
Many thanks

Sorry, I couldn’t think of 2 words that could differentiate spirit and soul. Both have the same word in Hindi – aatma.
My love Kelly = कैली मेरा प्यार।
Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without = शान्ति भीतर से आती है। उसे बाहर मत खोजो।
LIFE WON’T WAIT = जीवन प्रतीक्षा नहीं करता।

Is there any way that you can transalte this for me please, is for a tattoo that me and myboyfriend are getting.
“You & Me Against The World, Together We Ride, Together We Die”
Also Our Name please,

You & Me Against The World, Together We Ride, Together We Die =
हम तुम हैं दुनिया के खिलाफ, बाइक पर चलना साथ में, मरना भी है साथ में।
Tania = टान्या
Felix = फीलिक्स
I assume you mean “ride on the bike”. Just the word ride in Hindi wouldn’t give the right meaning, so I added the word “bike”.

Hi Kaul
Thankyou so much for my translation i plan on having this tattood on me, on other favour please could you translate my name Lee into hindi please
Thanks in advance Lee

Mia Carolina = मिया कैरोलीना
The above assumes “lina” is pronounced as lee-nah. If you pronounce it as “lie”-nah (as in the US state), then it will be कैरोलाइना

Wow that was fast!, Thanks Kaul, just to check again I pronounce Mia as “Me”-a (like in: she loves “me”) and is not “My”-a (like in: “my” doughter) is that still ok?, thank you very much four what you do!

First of all i’ld like to thanku in advance for doing this, its awesome.. I was wondering if u can translate my name Rami–pronounced Ra-me. Its an Arabic name. Thanks a bunch!

Hi I am wanting the following translated for a tatoo;
The work TRUST on its own
Kerrilee my soul sister forever young forever beautiful.
Thanks very much 🙂

TRUST = भरोसा
Kerrilee my soul sister forever young forever beautiful =
केरिली मेरी बहन – सदैव युवा सदैव सुन्दर।
I din’t translate the word “soul” in this. It didn’t fit in.
Never Give Up = हिम्मत कभी न हारो।

Christine = क्रिस्टीन
Kiki = किकी
Sunshine = सनशाइन
Jesus = जीसस

Serenity = शान्ति (It means peace.
there is no exact equivalent for Serenity.)
Lucky dog = लकी डॉग (I have not translated, but used the same words in Hindi script. In Hindi, “dog” is not used to address someone positively or lovingly.)
for all eternity you hold the key to my heart = सदा के लिए तुम्हारे पास मेरे दिल की कुंजी है।

I apologize for the profanity, but do you know how to say “fuck the system” in Hindi? And the context of “fuck” in this phrase would be out of contempt…like, “fuck this place” or “fuck it all”. Again, I’m sorry for the vulgarity, but it would be greatly appreciated!!

Keith Curtis = कीथ कर्टिस
peace of mind = मन की शान्ति
fuck the system = गाँड मराए सिस्टम
(Not a literal translation, but is more natural and conveys the same meaning. I normally avoid translating inappropriate words and phrases, but I made an exception here. I don’t know why.)

Can you please translate this:
Understand life from the past
but live life for the future
Thank you very much!
Greetz Cas van der Staak

Understand life from the past
but live life for the future
पिछले जीवन को समझो
पर जियो भविष्य के लिए।

Maria, The Love Of My Life = मरिया, मेरे जीवन का प्यार
Gagan = गगन

I was wondering if you could please translate my family members names into hindi for me please? Their names are:
Rhys is said like reece if that helps you.
Thanks heaps.

Hiya Kaul 🙂
I have been trying to get an accurate translation of this into Hindi, so far i have gotten 2 different responses 🙁
Forever in my heart
I have gotten these two, are either of them correct?
हमेशा के लिए मेरे दिल में
सदैव मेरे दिल में
Thank you so much for your help I appreciate it more than words can ever say 😀 I am wanting to get a tattoo for a very special person in my life
– Nikki

Both are correct.
First one is more informal and would be used by an Urdu/Hindi speaking person. Second one is more specifically Hindi.

i have had another translation done on the gemma which is very similar however between the line with the slight tick on the top and the next letter there is another symbol similar to the next letter. just wanted to double check

Did you get जेम्मा ?
This is fine too. This represents the double m. However, since in English, the mm is pronounced the same as m, either transliteration is fine.

I want to dedicat my tattoo to my family, so I want a short word or symbol that discribes how much I love my family. The word family is fine, but I was hoping for something else

dream = सपना or स्वपन
family = परिवार
family full of love = प्यार भरा परिवार
That is all I can think of.

1. In God I Trust = ईश्वर में विश्वास है
2. Precious Gift = अनमोल तोहफ़ा
3. Lover = प्रेमी

I am looking to get a tattoo that says ‘mamma’ and ‘papa’ in hindi but i am unsure on how it should be put in the hindi script.
Any feedback will be greatly appreciated as i do not want to make any mistake. I am also looking for a fancier hindi font in which to write it and i’m not able to get any help on it online.
Thank you.

mamma = ममा (English word “mamma” written in Hindi script)
mamma = माँ (Hindi word for mother)
papa = पापा (English word “papa” written in Hindi script)
papa = पिताजी (Hindi word for father)

can u please send me a version of my name STEFAN in HINDI which ive been obsesing about this tattoo for so long and to find sumone that can do it would be awesome

Stefan = स्टेफान
Serenity and Insight = शान्ति और अन्तर्दृष्टि

Hello Kaul
i have found a website that shows the name “ADAM” written on its own the same, but the name “BROWN” shows two different styles, when you put the two names together its one style and on its own another.
Please can you confirm what is correct in Hindi style.
Many thanks.

Adam = ऐडम
Brown = ब्राउन
Watch my dreams come true = देखो सच हुए सपने मेरे
(it literally means, see my dreams came true)

Thanks for the reply.
I now have three different versions of spelling “Brown”, can i ask which one you would recommend…?
ऐडम कत्थई
ऐडम भूरा
ऐडम ब्राउन
That would br great.

ऐडम ब्राउन is the only correct one. The other words are Hindi translations for the color brown. You want the name as it is and that is ब्राउन.

Hi, can You translate :
feel it, do not analyse it
Maybe You could suggest a better word choice, but the meaning should stay the same.

hi there, would be grateful if you could please translate me the saying ‘against all odds’ or preferably the literal equivalent in hindi please , kind regards x

Hi Kaul I found totally different meaning for see my dreams came true,is that one correct? देख मेरे सपने सच आया

against all odds = कितनी भी आएँ मुश्किलें
(this literally means…”no matter how many difficulties come”)
Your translation is not correct, particularly the last word. It is a literal translation, but not correct idiomatically.
You can use देख मेरे सपने सच हुए or the one I gave you.

Hello Kaul!
Could you translate my constallation Taurus?
And my name Nele. Nel is pronounced as the englisch word ‘nail’ end the e is pronounced as the vowel e in the english word ‘the’.
Hope you understand 🙂
Thank you!

Love = प्रेम
Taurus = वृषभ (it is the Hindi translation of the astrological sign Taurus)
Nele = नेलॅ (I know the sound of your name. The vowel at the end of your name is not normally used in Hindi, but I have written it as close as possible.)

Hi Kaul.
I was also wondering if there is a quote or mantra in hindi that means something like ‘live your life to the fullest because you only live once’

I can’t recall a mantra, although there are some songs. Following it what you can use:
जियो जी भर के, क्योंकि जीना है बस एक बार।
This means: Live to your heart’s fullest, because you live only once.

Hi Kaul!
I was wondering if you could please translate in Hindi “The world is going to hell and Im driving the bus”
Please and thank you!

The world is going to hell and Im driving the bus = दुनिया जा रही है नर्क में और बस मैं चला रही हूँ।
The above is correct if the person saying this is female. If the person saying this is male, then the second last word is to be replaced with रहा
Daring = हिम्मत

protect me from all of my enemies = मेरी सभी शत्रुओं से रक्षा करो।

Bharat = भरत (if it is pronounced like bhuh-rut) meaning Rama’s brother from Ramayana
Bharat/Bhaarat = भारत (if it is pronounced like bhah-rut) meaning India
Both are used as male names but pronounce differently.
I love you = मैं तुम से प्यार करती हूँ। (if a female is saying it)
I love you = मैं तुम से प्यार करता हूँ। (if a male is saying it)

उजाला अंधेरे के बाद means “light after darkness”, though a better structure would be अंधेरे के बाद उजाला
The translation I gave you अन्धकार के बाद ज्योति is basically the same. My translation uses more formal vocabulary (Sanskrit origin), while yours uses more informal vocabulary.

Thank you! I have no idea which one is right, but is it the same if it’s “उजाला अंधेरे के बाद” or “अंधेरे के बाद उजाला”.
Is the first one “wrong” ?
Thanks : )

The first one is not wrong, but the second one is more right. In the first one, the words are the same but their order is not as it is normally used, which is sometimes acceptable, for example in poetry, e.g., after darkness light.

“you fulfill my destiny” does not have a good translation. However,
you are my destiny = तुम मेरी तकदीर हो
my destiny is because of you = तुम से मेरी तकदीर है
life goes on = जीवन चलता जाता है

I recieved a translation from you months ago. Yesterday I finnaly got round to getting जियो जैसे कल मरना हो। tattooed on my lower back.
Thank you again for your translation.

OMG I have been looking everywhere! for someone to translate my name into sanskrit font, I really want to tattoo my name, i think it looks really good in sanskrit, well it already is sanskrit, Its Krishna Smaranam, I dont mind if you spell Krishna like krsna. Thank you sooo much!!!

@Krishna Smaranam
Krishna Smaranam =
कृष्ण स्मरणम्
कृष्ण स्मरणं
The above is the correct and original spelling of your name in Sanskrit. Do not worry about the difference between Krishna and Krsna. That difference is only in English letter.
In the second first spelling above, the dot on top of the last letter gives the m sound. The first one spells the m separately. You can use either. Both are used as standard spelling in Sanskrit.

Could you provide the translation or transliteration of the following phrase? I have already had this phrase translated through an online service and am looking to verify the translator’s work; it is for a tattoo design:
“Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus”
Many Thanks,

Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus =
इसलिए अब जो ईसा मसीह के साथ हैं वे निंदनीय नहीं है
The sentence can be translated in different ways. If you wish you can post your translation here, and I can verify it for you.

Could you send me your email address so that I could email you the pdf & jpg files of the translation that I received? If so, you could verify the translation from this and I would be so appreciative!!
Please let me know.
Many Thanks,

Hi, please could you translate these for me, its for a tattoo i hope to get next week. Either hindi or sanskit or both would be lovely. thanks so much.
‘I’ve got to get stronger’
‘Enjoy the gift of life’

I’ve got to get stronger = मुझे और सशक्त होना है।
Enjoy the gift of life = जीवन के उपहार का आनन्द लो।
Krishna = कृष्ण (if it is a girl’s name then use कृष्णा)
Lina = लीना
The first two sentences above are in Hindi, but the words have Sanskrit root. In case of names it doesn’t matter because Hindi and Sanskrit use the same script.

Thank you every so much Kaul. Can you tell me if it still makes sense if I broke up the sentence to fit on my arm, for example:
मुझे और
सशक्त होना
Would that still make sense? Also what is the literal meaning?
Thanks again xxxx

Yes, it makes perfect sense if broken up as shown by you. It literally means “I have to become more powerful/strong.”

hi could u translate following for me?
(means loving and suffering in latin)
no one judges me
you would do me a great favor if u could help me….
thanx a lot

loving and suffering = प्रेम और पीड़ा
power and honor = शक्ति और सम्मान
no one judges me = कोई मुझ पर उंगली न उठाए
(there is no good translation here, but this is the closest)
claudio = क्लॉडियो
life is beautiful = जीवन सुन्दर है
beautiful life = सुन्दर जीवन

The crowned one = मुकुट मंडित
Steven = स्टीवन
Nice :-). Congratulations!
love and passion = प्यार और जोश

Hi Kaul!
I wanna tatto my mother`s name in my upper back, she is named LIDIA, or I may tatto her second name too, in that case it would be LIDIA BEATRIZ, could you traslate it for me?
Thanks, Douglas from Argentina:)

Hi I would like to get a tattoo in hindi saying ENJOY LIFE
and another one in sanskrit saying JEAN MICHEL
I would really appreciate it if you could translate it for me, as I have translated it on google translate and I dont know if it’s really accurate.
Thank you so much
Théodora from Paris

Hi Kaul!
It’s not tha first time i am writting to you and your help is really pricelless.
I would like to translate me the phrase ” MAY MY BROTHER GEORGE BE BLESSED AND HEALTHY”.
Thank you sou much in advance!!!

ENJOY LIFE = जीवन का आनंद लो
JEAN MICHEL = जाँ मिशैल
That is Jean as pronounced in French (although it is hard to get the j sound correctly) not as in the denim jean.
MAY MY BROTHER GEORGE BE BLESSED AND HEALTHY = मेरा भाई जॉर्ज सुखी और स्वस्थ रहे।
Oasis = ओएसिस (that is a transliteration, not a translation)

I was wondering if you do translations in sanskrit as well, because I wanted to get Jean Michel in sanskrit.. if you don’t, can you recommend me a website that can translate it for me?
thank you

It will be same as above in Sanskrit, because the script used for Sanskrit is also used for Hindi — just like French and English use the same script.